Tips and Tricks to Track and Manage Your Organization’s Inventory - Tips and Tricks to Track and Manage Your Organization's Inventory

A well-managed inventory is key to successful operations. If you are looking for ways to take your business to a new level, an inventory management system can help. An inventory management system will streamline your supply chain processes and keep you organized. This article discusses different inventory management tips to help you track and control your supplies more effectively.

Categorize Inventory Carefully: Inventory categorizing is crucial when dealing with physical goods because it safeguards your profit margins and reduces the risk of write-offs and losses from spoilt stock inventory. It also marks the initial stage in demand forecasting, increased costs, supply chain optimization, and the slight decrease of obsolete inventory. 

By organizing your inventory into different categories, you may quickly determine which items need to be purchased more frequently. It helps identify the quantities and priority of items required for smooth operations in a business. Experts recommend categorizing your inventory into A, B, and C categories. Items in the A category are more expensive and in limited supply. Low-cost, high-turnover products fall under the C group. Items in the B category are in the middle; they are reasonably priced and move out of the door slower than C items but more rapidly than A items. An ABC analysis is an efficient approach for a business to assess the worth of its stock and inventory. Using specialized software can further streamline the inventory management process. 

Track Your Inventory Accurately with Real-Time Data: Understanding the status of an organization’s inventory is essential for achieving efficiency and speed in operations today. Warehouse Management System (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems are three inventory management solutions. You may not need to utilize all three, but they perform best when combined. A WMS system helps keep track of your current inventory levels. It can also decrease human error and increase efficiency by automating your inventory management processes.

An ERP system is best for tracking your production schedule, ensuring you produce enough finished goods to meet demand. Making sure you have the correct quantity of items can help you avoid waste. This can be accomplished by setting up a replenishment process that tracks your inventory levels and produces a schedule to order materials. An MRP system may be used to track any timing issues in your supply chain. This can help avoid any stock-outs, which can cause a lot of disruption to your business. 

Set up a Replenishment Process to Avoid Wastage: Replenishment is one of the most important aspects of inventory management. You may have the perfect number of items, but if you do not order more when they run out, you will be out of stock. This is where a replenishment process comes into play. Use the (first in, first out) process when managing commodities that can spoil, such as materials, food products, chemicals, pharmaceutical inventory, or other items with a dated shelf life. To prevent spoilage, pay close attention to the expiration dates on your products. There are several ways to automate your replenishment process. You can set up digital barcoding and GPS-enabled RFID tags to increase security against loss and theft. This will also provide immediate inventory alerts, notifications, and real-time tracking. Another option is to create a manual system, where a person manually orders materials when needed. Always ensure that your system is based on accurate data. If your inventory is inaccurate, you will order more products than you need, resulting in extra costs and waste.

Invest in Inventory Management Software: There will undoubtedly be some challenges as you manage your inventory. Timely detection of these issues enables you to address them as quickly as possible. A problem with your system or data input practices may cause erroneous inventory data. You must find a solution if your system is not configured correctly, or your data is input incorrectly. The easiest way to solve these issues is by investing in inventory software. Inventory software automates many of the manual processes, which can reduce human error. It can also track the data, so you can make sure your system is accurate. Most companies purchase inventory management systems or use specially created databases to manage their inventories. The supplier can modify the database with inventory management software to meet their specific and overall business requirements. 

Complete Asset Tracking and Inventory Management Solution: Asset tracking systems can help with the entire inventory management process by making it easier to track inventory assets. Asset inventory management tracks all equipment and devices inside an organization – from one location to another. Managing your inventory is challenging and time-consuming but is critical to running a successful organization. 

An efficient inventory management automation program simplifies implementation by using a single vendor for hardware, software, and support. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions offers all the required hardware, software, and support to help you regain control of your inventory. IDS offers not only the most feature-rich inventory management solution but also the most comprehensive solution by a single provider. Call us today to know more.

How Smart Lockers Enhance Inventory Management

Today’s inventory management, while complex and demanding, is a crucial part of every organization’s functionality. Therefore, it’s necessary to invest resources in the latest solutions that will increase efficiency within your organization.

Smart Locker storage is soon changing the way we track and manage inventory. This wonderful technology enables the distribution of inventory at the point of need. Smart Lockers simplify inventory distribution by reducing costs and taking away many processes that require hours of management. 

How Smart Lockers can be the difference?

On a basic level, smart lockers are modular storage devices that organizations can use to protect their most valued assets. But these are devices with a cutting-edge proposition, a highly secure digital platform that can simplify asset management in various ways. iQ Technology from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, can systematically maintain a real-time digital record of transactions, which helps keep track of assets. The accountability of each of these assets will be clearly specified. It can meet the various requirements of organizations without any need for the employees to search for supplies, as they have what they’ll need with a click of a button. 

Smart lockers feature live analytics and multi-featured dashboards. iQ Technology software allows you to track all your items in one location.

 We at IDS design Smart Lockers that can fully address your team’s needs, facilitating the storage of critical reusable assets, consumable products, and other inventory. 

Automate your processes

Maintaining and tracking asset details through spreadsheets and scheduled audits is laborious, error-prone and time-consuming. Any lapses in the process could lead to a significant loss of time and money. These efforts can now be easily managed with easy-to-access Smart Lockers that can automate tasks and generate usage reports. The analytics and usage reports provided by iQ Technology make inventory management more simple and accurate.

Users will have access to analytics and data reporting that can help identify critical issues that require immediate attention. Real-time updates and notifications help management provide accountability and understand the details of each asset transaction. This accountability also provides reminders to help employees be aware of any assets that must be picked up or restored.

Assigning and identifying accountability 

It only takes a moment for an asset to be misplaced, stolen, or destroyed. With Smart Lockers, you can restrict the usage of assets to a select few employees. Credentialed employees can access the locker compartments through RFID badges, barcodes, mag stripes, and even an ID barcode card. The detailed layout offered by Smart Lockers enables management to have a thorough understanding of asset usage, including the people assigned with the responsibility for the asset, where and when they have used it. Assigning an asset, which takes hours in a typical manual setting, can be done with the click of a button. Moreover, the web of security provided by usage logs meets the standards of internal security and policies based on industry-based regulations. 

IDS Adjustable Lockers can be used for secure asset management in the form of single-dispense, multi-dispense, will-call, check-in/check-out and storage for high-dollar items or user-specific items that contain sensitive data such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is a pioneer in developing innovative dispensing solutions for inventory management and have proved our expertise as a leader in inventory control dispensing for over 20 years. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of integrated Supply Dispensers and Supply Lockers, we offer solutions that match the unique needs of our client base around the world. We’d love show you how it works.

Utilizing lockers and dispensing equipment to access office supplies is more than just an asset management initiative.

The benefits of utilizing lockers and dispensing equipment -

Resource availability and its impact on the modern office environment

Timely availability of necessary office supplies is essential for a business to maximize productivity. Sometimes missing a $40 computer mouse can ruin everything when deadlines are tight. Not having the necessary IT and office supplies can also lead to unplanned downtime, a.k.a. waiting. The Ponemon Institute’s annual report concludes that the average cost of downtime could be anywhere between $137 a minute for small businesses to $17,244 a minute for large corporations. [1]

The cost of lost productivity is just one of the impacts of unavailable office resources. Approximately one out of every eight employees who participated in a Paychex survey claimed to be very dissatisfied when they felt they had too much downtime. [2] Safety-related supplies and materials can impact the well-being and morale of the workforce, too.

Addressing these and other potential challenges due to inadequate supply of resources can be easily overcome using controlled dispensing solutions. This article discusses the benefits of smart inventory management technology like Supply Lockers and Supply Dispensers for the modern office environment.

Controlled dispensing as a solution to resource availability challenges

Controlled dispensing solutions can provide access to necessary resources by validating the user based on prox cards, barcodes, keypad and mag stripes. This ensures timely access to supplies for employees instead of waiting at a help desk or for IT to respond to their request. This also allows the business to track the consumption of supplies by employee, department, branch, or any other level of designated personnel.

A comprehensive smart inventory management solution has two essential components – hardware and software. The hardware consists of Supply Lockers and Supply Dispensers that hold the supplies. The software layer is the backend brain behind the hardware. In our case, iQ Technology software sets access workflows, product restrictions, as well as alerts and reporting. There are several applications for controlled dispensing in an office environment. Some of them are listed below:

  • Service Desks

IT support professionals are busy fending off external attacks, evaluating device performance, asset monitoring, network connectivity and other essential tasks for business continuity. Providing IT supplies to employees who need them is important, yet does not require the skills of a trained IT expert. Controlled dispensing can help eliminate service desks and free up valuable IT bandwidth.

  • Procurement Systems

Efficient businesses are always in the pursuit of maintaining the right level of inventory. Purchase departments are tasked with ensuring the availability of necessary materials while keeping the cost of inventory as minimal as possible. Inventory management modules of controlled dispensing solutions help maintain an optimum amount of supplies in stock. The solution can provide real-time information about reorder levels that help maintain the best amount of inventory.

Benefits of Controlled Dispensing

Controlled dispensing solutions deliver direct benefits to IT support desks, procurement departments and employees. Factors like business continuity, operational efficiency, and real-time insights create value for large organizations. This translates to business benefits like:

  • Profitability

Businesses can enjoy cost savings and operational efficiency by using controlled dispensing technology. Lockers enabled with inventory management software can track and optimize the usage of assets. Shrinkage due to hoarding, loss, and expiration can be avoided by implementing controlled dispensing technology.

  • Accountability

iQ Technology software makes sure only designated individuals can access certain supplies. Administrators can track who is taking what items, when and how many. The system establishes a transparent chain of custody for valuable assets and drives accountability at all levels.

  • Reliability

Supply Lockers and Supply Dispensers can improve resource availability. This creates a reliable process and eliminates resource-related uncertainties. Automated alerts about PAR levels can preempt purchases to avoid unplanned downtime.

  • Efficiency

Controlled dispensing minimizes downtime and keeps employees on task. It also reduces human effort, freeing up bandwidth for more important activities. By minimizing downtime, the inventory management component of the dispensing solutions improves the efficiency of capital utilization. The availability of real-time information about resources allows for better workload planning. 

  • Safety

Controlled dispensing results in fewer touchpoints, decreasing the likelihood of transmitting viruses and bacteria. This will translate to a safer workplace in the age of fast-spreading contagions. 

  • User Experience

Employees can now avoid the need to line up to collect essential supplies. Frustration that arises due to the unavailability of the necessary tools and supplies for day-to-day operations can be avoided with dispensing equipment. Employees can plan better with the help of real-time visibility and inventory alerts, to keep on hand the tools and resources that are essential for executing their responsibilities.


Controlled dispensing solutions can deliver value across the entire organization. Different stakeholders like production employees, IT support teams, procurement divisions, administrations and maintenance departments participate in the flow of inventory and the value creation process. Dispensing technology delivers value to all these stakeholders by ensuring the availability of resources and acting as a single source for all inventory-related information.

Implementing the proper hardware and software is the key to realizing these benefits. IDS has helped large Fortune 100 businesses and small enterprises harness the power of controlled dispensing technology to achieve business benefits.

Talk to our experts at 1-855-459-4536 to learn how we can get you started on empowering your office with the best controlled dispensing and inventory management solutions.

Pharmaceutical Vending Machines – An Overview - Pharmacuetical Vending Machines - An Overview

The demand for pharmaceutical vending machines is rapidly evolving. With the rise of pharmacy intelligence and predictive analytics, as well as an increased need for a comprehensive end-to-end solution, healthcare executives must innovate to solve both new and old prescription management concerns (diversion, patient safety, and rising costs) to stay ahead of the curve.

Pharmaceutical vending machines can help fill this gap. They can augment the declining bandwidth of Pharmaceuticals. There are several applications of vending machines for the pharmacy industry. Sales of nonprescription or OTC drugs can be automated with their help. Automated pharmacy solutions can also help control access to medication or products that need authentication, like narcotics. Other non-medical products like sanitary products, PPE kits, contraceptives and personal grooming products can be sold through vending machines. This frees up the bandwidth of the pharmacist for transactions that need their participation.

Benefits for Healthcare units and Medical Practitioners

There is a growing demand for an increase in the quality of care provided by the healthcare industry. On the other hand, there are significant cost pressures. The only way this can be addressed for the pharmaceutical retail industry is by improving the efficiency of the channels of transactions. Vending machines can help achieve just that. Some of the benefits that the industry can experience are discussed below:

Saves Time

The staff can continue handling transactions that need attention while customers can buy from pharmaceutical vending machines. Qualified and skilled professionals can save time on non-critical transactions, allowing them to provide better care and attention to their customers.

Real-Time Data and Inventory Management

Like all highly regulated markets, the pharmaceutical retail market needs to demonstrate compliance at multiple levels. Inventory data of this industry is critical for several regulatory authorities like the FDA and DEA. Maintaining such copious records through manual data entry is a cumbersome process. Pharmaceutical vending machines enabled with inventory management solutions are ideal for this problem. This combination automates data entry at the point of transaction, making real-time information available to those who need access to it.

24/7 Service

Medical Supply Dispensing pharmaceutical systems will cut down on waste and human error and better track the life-saving medications that fire paramedics use every day. In busy locations like airports, where the traffic might be high at any time, it is crucial to ensure the store is sufficiently staffed all day. Such sites are ideal for vending machines as they are not impacted by timings-related fatigue.

Better Customer Experience

Faster response and minimal human intervention are becoming the name of the game in almost any customer-facing industry today. Pharmaceutical vending machines are beneficial assets for your organization. Vending machines in medical retail deliver a unique and satisfying experience for customers who do not need access to prescription drugs.

Saves Cost

The average yearly income of staff who manage pharmaceuticals is almost twice that of the national average. Wasting such an expensive resource on transactions that can easily be automated is a drain on the business profitability. Using vending machines can help avoid this waste and save costs for the business.

Benefits for Consumers

Consumers are not always inclined to spend time waiting for medications. Pharmaceutical dispensing machines are placed at  emergency service facilities, such as hospitals and fire stations. They expect the service to be fast, accurate, and less invasive. As shown below, some of these problems can be addressed by automated pharmacy vending machines.

Faster Service

Vending machines can provide access to selected products without age or prescription verifications. Machines are preloaded with product expiry and dosage specifications. Hence it takes much less time for an automated machine to vend a product than when a pharmacist has to read through the fine print to ensure customer safety. Moreover, with features like cashless payments and digital displays, the time spent by the customer is the least possible. The customer is in and out before they know it.

Fewer Human Interventions

Ever since the global COVID-19 pandemic, customers have preferred fewer human interactions. We might be past the peak of the worldwide catastrophe. Still, the social distancing and personal hygiene lessons it has taught us will stay with us. Pharmaceutical dispensing machines Vending machines minimize the number of human touchpoints in the purchase process.

Some products come with an associated stigma. Contraceptives and drug administration products are examples where the customer feels safer interacting with a machine. Some customers might resort to unsafe practices because of a lack of means for private transactions.

Lastly, the need for sanitary products, PPE kits or convenience medicines like nasal decongestants may arise at any time. Having convenient access to a vending machine that sells such products will help consumers get along with their day rather than spend more time than necessary at the pharmacist.

Limitations in Unmanned Pharmaceutical Vending

Pharmaceuticals can have a wide variety of applications, from mild symptomatic relief to life-saving drugs in hospitals and fire stations. Hence, the pharmacy retail industry is highly regulated. There are a lot of products that qualify for unmanned automated vending. Pharmaceutical vending machines must be used only for such products. It is important to remember that vending machines do not replace a qualified pharmacist. They augment their bandwidth and create a more efficient experience for the end consumers.


Pharmaceutical vending machines can reduce fatigue and the possible errors associated with it. Vending machines also automate data capture at the point of transaction, making real-time data available for those who need it. They can control access to drugs that require authentication.

Pharmacy vending solutions from UCapIt can help your businesses drive efficiency, save costs, improve profitability and deliver a good customer experience. To learn how our vending solutions can help you, call us at 1-877-771-4446.


Enhancing Safety With Standard Dispensing Equipment

Supply lockers and dispensing machines are essential components of a well-designed inventory management system. They are frequently big pieces of equipment that securely store assets and provide simple, point-of-use access via a humanless transaction. Improper handling, a lack of training or maintenance, and equipment that does not comply with industry, state, or federal requirements can have catastrophic effects, just as they do with practically any form of office equipment or industrial machinery. As a result, major dispensing equipment manufacturers put their products through rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure no one gets harmed or property is damaged. These techniques increase machine reliability, lower risk, prevent situations from occurring, and assure end-user safety. Risk mitigation is approached in various ways through certifications and regulatory requirements. 

Most Important Compliance Standards For Dispensing Equipment 

The safe operation of dispensing equipment necessitates compliance with several standards. Approved and reputed certification agencies verify compliance with safety, performance, and responsibility standards. In the United States, most major dispensing equipment manufacturers certify their goods and businesses in six key areas.

Electrical safety, electromagnetic interference prevention, electromagnetic compatibility, safe handling in the case of a fire, accessibility for the differently-abled, and restrictions on the use of hazardous materials or products from areas of conflict are considered.

UL Certification

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a third-party certification firm that has been in operation since 1894. They certify products to make the world safer for consumers and employees alike. They not only evaluate new goods but also set industry standards to follow while developing new ones. In fact, UL-certified products entered the worldwide marketplace over 14 billion times last year.

UL is a safety group that sets industry-wide standards for new products. They examine these products regularly to ensure that they meet these standards. UL testing ensures that wire diameters are proper and those devices can manage the current claims they make. They also guarantee that products are built to the highest safety standards.

FCC Certifications

Electronic equipment obtains an FCC certificate indicating it has been tested and authorized to comply with FCC regulations. A product’s FCC certification does not mean it is safe or long-lasting or suggest how the machine was made. It merely shows that it is within approved ionizing radiation limitations. FCC clearance is possible if the electronic device complies with FCC emission norms and regulations and has been tested to fulfil FCC standards.

RoHS Compliance

The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) is product-level compliance based on the European Union’s Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS). With rare exceptions, products complying with this regulation do not include more than the permissible levels of the prohibited materials including lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).

Manufacturers, importers authorized representatives, and distributors of products such as large and small household appliances (refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc.), power tools, computing and communications equipment, lighting, consumer electronics, toys and sports equipment, and automatic dispensers (vending machines, ATM machines, etc.) are all covered by this directive.

RoHS compliance is made evident by a letter of compliance signed by a firm employee. Third-party testing services are available to check for levels of banned materials in an organization’s products.

Health and Safety Policy

Manufacturers of sustainable dispensing equipment also include elements above and beyond regulatory compliance or standards. Mechanisms that limit the machine’s use to within the safe operating range are examples of such characteristics. When the dispensing machine’s temperature falls outside this range, the safety system turns off part or all of the device. Manufacturers specify a range of temperatures with upper and lower limits. This stops the machine from being exploited and protects the user from serious injury. Such characteristics are not required by law or relevant regulatory agencies and are entirely up to the manufacturer’s choice.

The Benefits Of Certified Dispensing Equipment

Easy To Use Intelligent Dispensing Machines. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving method of getting employees what they need fast and safely while also automating reconciliation and restocking. Intelligent dispensing is a novel take on the classic vending machine concept. Instead of drinks or snacks, this dispensing machine dispenses office supplies. It’s also cashless. Dispensing machines and supply lockers are simple to set up, blend in with your workplace decor, and provide supplies quickly, effortlessly, and proficiently.

Customizable. To dispense the products they require, employees swipe a badge or input a code on the keypad. Intelligent dispensing machines maintain track of what has been distributed and what is still available. Almost anything may be dispensed from the office dispensing devices. Pens and paper clips, staplers, and tape are the essentials. However, more oversized products such as safety goggles, medical equipment, and IT supplies might even be offered. You may also customize the machine to fit any products your business needs to provide.

Happy Employees. Thanks to supply dispensers and supply lockers, employees do not need to go to a supply closet to search high and low for a specific product. Instead, supply dispensers and lockers can be placed at the point-of-use, which, hypothetically speaking, would allow you to have multiple “supply closets” throughout your building, as opposed to just one. This leads to more productive employees, as they will be able to find what they need faster.

Through supply lockers and supply dispensers, employees can access the products they need, no matter what time of day it is. It also allows managers to track who is accessing what in order to stay on top of inventory tracking. 

Intelligent dispensing is undoubtedly a step forward in the management of office supplies and inventory safety. Companies all over the globe realize that dispensing supplies makes employees happier and more productive while increasing profits.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits that dispensing machines can offer to your company? Download our Whitepaper or contact IDS to learn more about our services.

Case Study: San Diego State University


IDSvending - Sandiego State University

Serving over 36,000 students, San Diego State University (SDSU) is known for providing students with opportunities to prepare them for the future. What happens, however, when a global pandemic ravages the United States? The leader in public research has to come up with a way to keep students safe while providing them with a quality educational experience.

So, what are some of the pandemic safety challenges that were dealt with on the SDSU campus?

  1. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way SDSU keeps students and staff members safe.
  2. Slowing the spread of COVID-19 was a challenge at SDSU. While students are not required to get tested, SDSU is working hard to limit the spread by providing COVID-19 Test Kit Dispensing Machines across campus.
  3. Single Point of Use testing centers was unrealistic as SDSU, as it has over 36,000 students.

SDSU is requiring all staff members and students to be vaccinated against COVID-19, however, it is still possible for breakthrough COVID-19 cases. SDSU is doing what it can to ensure it can control the spread.

“If you’re worried that you have symptoms, it just makes it very easy to pop on over and grab one, as opposed to just hoping you’re okay,” said Heidi Nguyen, Senior Admissions Counselor at SDSU.

In order to help control the spread of COVID-19, SDSU implemented COVID-19 Test Kit Dispensing Machines across campus, providing testing for students and staff members. Students are tested prior to the semester and regularly throughout. Tests can be accessed for free, once students sign up online.

While students are not required to be tested, they are expected to test if they start feeling any symptoms of COVID-19.

Through iQ Technology, UCapIt’s software solution, SDSU has real-time usage data that is useful for staff planning, budgeting, reporting and compliance purposes.

UC San Diego utilizes the passcode function of iQ Technology for the COVID-19 testing machines. Through iQ Technology, the passcode feature allows system administrators to provide one-time use codes assigned to individual users. An expiration date and time, as well as specific product access, is able to be assigned to each unique passcode.

Due to testing and COVID-19 protocols across campus, including mask wearing, social distancing and required vaccinations, SDSU has been able to quickly test students for COVID-19. Within the first few weeks of the 2021 fall semester, almost 800 tests had been accessed by students.

Through UCapIt’s COVID-19 Test Kit Dispensing Machines, users can access test kits at their convenience 24/7, without staff needing to be on-site. In addition, the machines can be equipped with patent-pending UVC light sanitization technology, UVend Technology. UVend sanitizes the high-touch surfaces on the machine quickly and safely by killing or inactivating up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

COVID-19 Test Kit Dispensing Machines are located across campus and can be found using the campus’ interactive map. Additionally, with the help of the Test Kit Dispensing Machines, SDSU has been able to:

  1. Reduce wait times for COVID-19 testing
  2. Help control the speak of COVID-19 across SDSU’s campus
  3. Keep track of students and staff members who have been tested. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt everyday life, campuses across the country are in need of solutions to control the spread, SDSU has stayed on top by providing a safer educational experience for students and staff members.

Does your educational institution need an efficient, convenient way to provide a COVID-19 test kit and other public health supplies to students and staff? If so, contact UCapIt to schedule a live, personalized demo to see how our iQ Technology can help your organization.

How Does Real Time Inventory Management Help In Pharmaceutical Dispensing

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This post is for all organizations and stakeholders that deal with medical services and medicine inventory. IDS has end-to-end medical supplies storage and management solutions for emergency response teams, hospitals, universities, and more. Please check out what our customers have to say here.

The factors that impact medical supplies dispensing are related to the following stakeholders,

  1. Medical service providers: from first responders to medical professionals on the roster, medical supplies must be accessible quickly and only to the appropriate professional. 
  2. Service users and consumers: the supplies need to be available in pristine condition to the end-user.
  3. Organizations and institutions: entities that deploy storage and management dispensing solutions need help with their expense optimization.

Points To Watch Out For In A Medical Supply Dispensing Solution

The principal objective of a pharmaceutical dispensing solution is ensuring optimum access to medicine and medical resources while eliminating wastage and thereby optimizing procurement. The following aspects are critical in ensuring a successful pharmaceutical inventory management solution:

  1. Technology and features: there are numerous methods for tracking the supply’s flow and status. From embedded sensors to cellular internet, stakeholders need to choose the appropriate machine that ticks all the boxes.
  2. Storage and procurement: medical resources come with a host of regulatory compliances to meet, and they differ based on the governmental agency or entity. The ideal solution needs to be flexible enough to factor in multiple considerations while assisting strict compliance.
  3. Operations and reporting: in medical resources dispensing a penny saved is a penny better spent in saving more lives. The ideal dispensing solution needs to be equipped to reduce wastage and procurement expenses.
  4. Maintenance: Medical domain needs tried and tested solutions that are reliable over long periods.

Technology & Features: 

  1. 3rd Party Tool Integration: Inventory management data helps departments like admin, HR, finance, operations, etc. IDS’s solution integrates with a wide range of 3rd party systems and software.
  2. Credentials Based Access: Credentials capture improves accountability and resource utilization. IDS solutions offer a host of credential vetting tools like magnetic cards, mobile-based barcode scanners, etc, including biometrics-based access. Biometrics are more difficult to manipulate and can be carried over from the previous machines.
  3. Stakeholder Communication:  IDS UCapIt helps automate transactional and usage-based communication based on pre-determined and ad-hoc triggers to the appropriate stakeholders.

B. Storage & Procurement: 

  1. Supply Room: Multiple statutory regulations and compliance requirements must be met when storing and dispensing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. With IDS dispensing solutions, the entire supply room is accessible at the click of a button. This is especially beneficial for audits, risk reduction, and product expiration management.
  2. Custom Notifications/Alerts For Critical Resources: Some SKUs need more attention than others. These could be anything from scrubs to controlled medication. IDS  solutions come equipped with full data tracking and insights capture capabilities to design custom alerts through notifications and actions like procurement requests.

C. Operations & Reporting

  1. Automated Returns Management: returns are a pain, and the ideal dispensing solution would make it pain-free. Like how the Virtual Tracker updates stock levels after returns. 
  2. Improved Inventory Workflows: Efficiency is all about the workflows that determine how the inventory flows. UCapIt’s simple and effective workflows optimize how inventory is distributed and made accessible. 
  3. Scheduled Maintenance of Dispensed Assets & Resources: Our solutions help in improving asset life and quality by helping in their timely recalibration, repairs, or maintenance during check-in.
  4. Enhanced Auditing: Reconciling stock records to actuals is a breeze with Virtual Tracker. Our easy-to-use interfaces, including mobile-based bar code scanners, ensure stocks = actuals.
  5. Lot Tracking: supply tracking from procurement to dispensing and future procurements. Chain of custody

D. Maintenance

  1. Optimizing Efficiency: Solutions need to be monitored and maintained to ensure they are able to give full value for their investment. Using iQ Technology helps understand how the deployed solution is working for you. 
  2. Optimizing Efficiency: Solutions need to be monitored and maintained to ensure they are able to give full value for their investment. Using iQ Technology helps understand how the deployed solution is working for you. 

The Benefits Of Using A Single-Source Inventory Management Solution

In addition to the points covered above, IDS’s single-source all-in-one solutions pack great adaptability. For instance, we pack the following,

  1. Custom Checklist: The ability to build digital checklists for anything. Could be workflows, notifications, or inventory tracking. 
  2. API / Pre-Authorization: The backend of the software is secure but comes with the ability to connect with other business processes. Ensuring inventory which is a critical aspect of the organization does not end up being a silo.
  3. Customizable Locker Dispensing: Our physical lockers and hardware themselves are versatile. Customizable as single, standalone machines or satellites connected to a dispenser or smart locker.

With iQ Technology, you get all the features, values, and benefits of an ideal dispensing solution for your medical service delivery requirements. A snapshot of what our solutions are capable of includes, single and multiple item dispense, asset and resource check-in/check-out, returns management, custom rule setting workflows like loan periods, self-service automated order pick-up/will-call, etc., and much more under a single login for a unified view on supply requests.

Click here to know more about how and what iQ Technology could do for your pharmaceutical real-time inventory management and storage.

The New and Improved iQ Technology: The Medical Package

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions assists customers to find better medical supply management solutions and improve their efficiency. One way in which this is done is with iQ Technology. This module-based software enables organizations to reduce inventory costs and increase productivity.

IDS offers five iQ Technology software packages to allow you to choose a solution that works best for your organization. The next package we will break down is the medical inventory control package. This package includes the same components of the Standard Package, plus the features you need for enterprise-wide inventory and asset management. 

In addition to all of the components that can be found in the Standard Package, the Medical Package includes vehicle management, custom checklists and biometric management. These additions make the Medical Package the most comprehensive medical supply management system that iQ Technology has to offer.

Vehicle management allows you to manage all of your dispensing equipment in one location. Instead of spending time walking around to every machine within your organization, you are able to manage your equipment and check the health of each machine from one location. Additionally, vehicle management gives you the capability to set limits on the number of products that can be accessed by a single user per day, eliminating hoarding and waste. This key feature saves you and your organization valuable time and money. 

In order to ensure all machines are being inspected according to the standards you set, the Medical Package includes a custom checklist feature. During each inspection, users are able to check off each step of the inspection in order to confirm it is fully complete and everything passes its inspection. Create a checklist based on your standards.

Finally, biometric management allows the machine to track who accessed what product, the number of products that were accessed and when the product was accessed. Additionally, biometrics can be carried over from your previous machines, so employees can jump into using it immediately, instead of setting every employee up with new credentials. 

No matter what industry you are in, iQ Technology vending machines can help you manage your medical inventory. To find out more, give us a call at 1-877-771-4446.

The System Your Manufacturing Floor is Missing

As a supervisor in a manufacturing company, it is your job to look for ways to cut overhead costs without reducing employee productivity. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by considering your inventory management system. Do your employees have to rummage through a supply closet looking for gloves? Are they spending precious minutes searching a bin in order to find safety glasses? If so, you are wasting time and money that can be easily resolved with an efficient production floor management system.

Inventory management systems, such as Vend Safety from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, determine how and when an employee accesses an item. In order for an employee to access a safety mask, for example, they must first swipe their employee ID card. Then, their item will be dispensed to them and it will be detailed for you in a report. Additionally, it can be set up in such a way that employees must enter a PIN number or even through biometrics. This set of safety precautions saves you money through controlled production floor inventory management.

Vend Safety allows for more accurate inventory management. It eliminates the need to spend countless hours tallying the number of face masks or gloves you have on hand. Instead, administrators are able to track who accessed what item(s), when they accessed the item(s) and the quantity of the item they accessed. This chain of custody is critical when identifying and mitigating risks in a crisis situation, as well as is useful on an inventory management basis during normal operating circumstances. 

iQ Technology, Vend Safety’s proprietary software, saves you time by cutting down on inventory management. Eliminate the hours spent on counting inventory and organizing your supply closet. iQ Technology has reporting that details inventory information for you. This eliminates wasting money on unnecessary supplies and allows you to reallocate your time to something more important. 

“The integration of IDS’ iQ Technology software with our existing point-of-sale (POS) system drives the success of our 300 machines healthy vending program. Plus, the software’s real-time reporting and alerts allow us to manage the program efficiently and effectively,” states Julie Hedine, Director of Food and Nutrition Services at Pasco County School District.

In addition to offering automatic dispensing solutions, many companies are looking into offering personal protective equipment to supply to companies to stock their equipment. Offering both dispensing equipment and the PPE supplies to stock them moves the responsibility of maintaining your equipment and supplies from you, back to us. It reduces the time you spend with PPE replenishment. 

Inventory management solutions can come in the form of an automatic supply dispenser or a supply locker. Supply dispensers allow employees to increase productivity and reduce employee downtime by spreading out your storage to your point of use. They ensure your team has exactly what they need, when and where they need it. Supply lockers provide secure accountability for reusable assets and consumable products. Single and multiple item dispense, check-in/check-out, loan periods and asset management are all possible with supply lockers. 

Supply dispensers are useful for products of varying shapes and sizes. They are especially useful for one-time-use products or products that should not be shared amongst employees, such as safety glasses and face masks. Trays within the dispenser can be configured to provide employees with large items, such as boxes of alcohol wipes, to something small, such as earplugs.

For items of various shapes and sizes that need to be returned for others to use, such as tools, you may find a supply locker to be more useful. Supply lockers are adjustable and can be made to have anywhere from 3 compartments to up to 22 compartments. Additionally, select supply lockers include interior lighting and chargers within each compartment. This allows your employees to recharge tools, if necessary before someone else needs to use them. Both supply dispensers and supply lockers can be attached, with the help of a satellite supply locker.

“Our vending machines are great and perform like they’re brand new,” says Daniel Bolens, Desktop Services Specialist at JAMF Software. “IDS is the perfect solution and working with them is a very positive experience. We evaluated other suppliers and IDS had the best technological solution. The machines are embraced by the team and popular in the office.” 

Implementing an inventory management system in your manufacturing company allows you to cut back on time and money spent organizing supply closets and ensuring your employees are not hoarding supplies. Whether you are on the lookout for supply dispensers, supply lockers or a combination of both, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has an inventory management solution to help cut overhead costs within your manufacturing company.

For more information about Vend Safety, or any other IDS products, give us a call at 1-877-771-4446.

Offer safer self-service access to supplies and tools 24/7 with UVC Light Sanitizing Technology

Employers are looking for innovative ways to make workplaces safer while reducing lost productivity due to employee absenteeism. As part of this effort, many employers are exploring the use of ultraviolet sanitizer to help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions’ patent-pending UVend Technology makes the high-touch surfaces of dispensing machines and lockers safer by quickly killing or inactivating some of the most common viruses and bacteria, including influenza and the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2).

UVend Technology has been independently tested by accredited third-party testing labs to generate UV light within the germicidal frequencies and with enough power to be effective in sanitizing surfaces. The UVC light used in UVend Technology is the same UVC technology that is in use by healthcare organizations, schools, prisons, retailers and the transportation and hospitality industries. 

UVend Technology features an automated motion sensor and visible blue light. The motion sensor ensures no presence is detected in front of the machine before activating and the blue light indicates quick sanitization is in process, allowing the machine’s keypad and delivery door to be sanitized after almost every use.

Additionally, UVend Light Sanitizing Technology can be added within locker compartments to sanitize products in between uses. For example, in addition to manually disinfecting reusable hard hats after each use, UVend Technology can be placed inside a Supply Locker compartment to kill or inactivate viruses on the surface of the product. Employees can rest assured that the products they are using are safe to use with little to no viruses and bacteria.

Employees within organizations want to know that the products they are touching are clean, especially if it has been handled by other people. Many offices utilize lockers for IT equipment, such as laptops. When an employee from the IT department goes to grab a laptop to be worked on, they should not have to worry about how clean it is. This is where our ultraviolet sanitizer technology comes into play.

Whether your employees need IT equipment, electronic devices or personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively, we recognize they can’t take a break from being safe when securing those critical supplies. Give the employees within your organization peace of mind that the products they are accessing are safe and that your equipment features UVend Technology.

To find out more about UVend Technology, click HERE.