Get Ready for Cupcake Vending Machines

custom vending machinesThis week I’d like to take the time to highlight an interesting and tasty custom vending machine that will soon be popping up, hopefully across the entire nation. Imagine being able to receive a fresh and delicious cupcake from vending machines, any time you’d like. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? A gourmet cupcake chain, Sprinkles, opened up their first cupcake vending machine just a few days ago. The store has 10 locations across the country, but the first machine opened in their Beverly Hills location.

A spokeswoman for the company says she hopes to have 10 machines in operation by the end of the summer, hopefully more by the end of the year. As of now, the intention is to have the machines located outside the stores, but in the future they would like vending machines dispersed in other locations.

The machines will be known as 24-hour Sprinkles, but others are already referring to them as Cupcake ATM, which is perfectly fine with the company. Cupcakes will cost $4, as opposed to $3.50 inside the store. They will only take credit and debit cards, no cash folks. Selections will rotate, but popular flavors, such as red velvet, will always be in stock. The machines will be able to house about 600 cupcakes at a time, so they will be larger than typical vending machines. Naturally, they will be freshly baked each day. Awesome idea Sprinkles!