Huffington Post Outlines Oddest Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsThe Daily Meal is always on top of the latest trends in the food business, and their latest post on the world of vending machines is no exception. Our beloved industry continues to gain more and more steam on mainstream media outlets, and the The Daily Meal recently highlighted some of the world’s more unique vending devices. While we are no stranger to exciting custom odd and unique vending machines, it is certainly pleasing to see our industry make the front pages of the web.

Fortunately for us vending enthusiasts, the website compiled 24 of the oddest vending machines in the world into one convenient photo slideshow for our viewing pleasure. These custom vending machines truly run the gamut of creativity, from a machine that dispenses Coca-Cola for a hug in Singapore to a baby food dispenser in the United States. Japan allows customers to buy bananas out of a metal machine, while Germany serves sausages through a similar device. France is famous for baguettes, but did you know you can buy one without stepping foot into a store? From french fries to caviar, The Daily Meal’s list proves that nothing is truly off-limits in the ever-expanding world of custom vending machines.