Virtual Tracker: Real-Time Inventory Tracking for Efficient Asset Management

Take your vending capabilities to new heights with iVendTech’s specialized virtual tracker, an IT management software that helps you track stock, inventory, equipment, or assets with appropriate barcode levels. 

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Revolutionize Your IT Asset Management with Virtual Tracker

Virtual Tracker empowers inventory management with its real-time capabilities. Virtual Tracker scanners are tested for drop and particle ingress and are, therefore, your trusted partners for inventory tracking requirements. It integrates the entire inventory framework, which means you only have to maintain a single source (a source that is already streamlined). 

The outcome? You never have to do any guesswork on the availability of any product or its specifics. The technology incorporates broad capabilities and use cases, which include:

  1. Managing Unlimited Users & Employees
  2. Setting role-Based Restrictions 
  3. Alerts & Action Tips on Product Expiry, stock availability 
  4. Transaction Logs with Alerts 
  5. Vehicle Management & Checklists 
  6. Unlimited Backroom Management 
  7. Unlimited Asset Management 
  8. Comprehensive access to usage history 

Take Control of Your IT Assets with Inventory Management

The iQ Technology-powered, cloud based inventory management platform puts you back in control over your organization’s assets, thanks to the capabilities already mentioned above and the power of data-driven insights. Data-driven insights facilitate the identification of trends, optimized resource allocation, and improved inventory management practices. 

On the flip side, it ensures efficient tracking and management of supplies, single dispensing of multiple products, faster auditing, and error-free reporting. 

Effortless IT Asset Tracking with our Inventory Management System

Virtual Tracker offers efficiency in all functionalities while keeping your inventories more secure and streamlined. Want to know more? Contact us today, and we’ll show you how we can elevate your emergency response capabilities.

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