Virtual Tracker: The Key to Smarter Asset Management through Real-Time Inventory Updates.

Take your vending capabilities to new heights with iVendTech’s specialized virtual tracker, an IT management software that helps you track stock, inventory, equipment, or assets with appropriate barcode levels. 

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Efficient, Transparent, and Intelligent Asset and Supply Management.

iVendTech isn’t just for IT assets; it’s a game-changer for various industries. Use it to ensure timely availability of IT assets and supplies, reduce downtime, and track progress across your support cycle. It’s your key to efficient, transparent, and intelligent asset and supply management.

iVendTech offers comprehensive, real-time reporting and control, ensuring secure inventory management. Say goodbye to costly, inefficient transactions and hello to 24/7 secure and complete control. Here’s more, you’ll have complete visibility of your inventory, including sales data, re-stock lists, and user activities.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our satisfied customers who’ve witnessed the transformative power of iVendTech in their organisations. Discover how iVendTech has improved their inventory management, reduced downtime, and boosted productivity.

“I used to be inundated with requests for IT peripherals and other office supplies, but since implementing the vending machines, these requests have dropped to almost none. Our breakeven met in just five months. The ROI is amazing”

Kyle Williams, IT Support Specialist


“We evaluated other suppliers, and IDS had the best technological solution. The machines are embraced by the team and popular in the office”

Daniel Bolens, Desktop Service Specialist

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