Never a Coin Stuck or Money Lost

Vending machines are a wonderful convenience. You put in some loose change and voila! Out pops a delicious treat. But how many times have we all suffered from lost or rejected money? We clearly put in the correct amount but no food came out. Or almost as worse is when the machine will not accept your wrinkled dollar bill. *Cue asking everyone in the office for a crisp bill to exchange.

This scenario never has to play out again when you choose office vending machines from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions. Their vending machines really are intelligent –taking office I.D. cards. Employees can simply swipe a card and receive whatever supply they need. But if you prefer traditional machines that do accept money, IDS uses better technology that will reduce the loss of money by over 95%. The new machines will accept $1, $5, $10, and even $20 dollar bills. Add an optional credit card module to further increase sales opportunities and reduce problems and money lost.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions prides itself in taking the latest steps to increase your overall customer experience. The vending machine has come a long way since its humble beginnings selling books and cigarettes. You want your vending machine to do more and they listened.