The Origin of Custom Vending


Historical Vending Machine

The world of vending has evolved over years to include advances like remote monitoring and inventory control software; but, vending machines have a history far older than you might think. Custom vending machines may seem like a new technology; however, they are actually a very old invention. The first custom vending machine, in fact, was created in the first century AD by a Greek mathematician.

Hero of Alexandria, was responsible for many startling inventions. He created a heat-driven engine that could open and close heavy stone doors. He also devised many objects that were used in the city’s theaters, such as a device that raised and lowered curtains and another that would create thunder-like sound effects. But, one of his most useful inventions was a custom vending machine, which is described in his book “Mechanics and Optics.” Hero’s machine would dispense holy water when a coin was inserted into the machine. The coin would be inserted into a slot at the top of the machine, falling down onto a pan attached to a lever. The lever would open a valve that let water flow out until the coin fell completely off, closing the valve and ending the dispensing.

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