The VendNetwork Solution

vending machinesIntelligent Dispensing Solutions is always looking to push the envelope in the vending machine world, making businesses run smoothly and easily. One way they’re making life easier for your business is with the VendNetwork online inventory tracking system. Imagine being able to keep track of your inventory without any effort on your part. If you’re taking part in office vending machines or their other custom choices, you can enjoy instant tracking.

The technology offers instant recording, reporting, and tracking of products in the machine. All transactions are 100% encrypted and no credit card data is stored at the machine level or on the servers. This is good news for your customers! Information can be reached 24/7 too, to keep your business running all day long. Usage reports and inventory position will be readily available so you never run out of what you need most. All reports can be printed out or imported into your tracking software. How convenient is that?

You can even receive messages and alerts when stock is running low to your e-mail or cellphone. VendNetwork is the future of vending machines, so why not enjoy the technology now instead of later? Visit IDS’s homepage for more information and to start using this great software.