Inventory Management At Its Smartest Experience the UCapIt Difference

UCapIt - The Definition of Smart, Simple, Efficient Medical Inventory Management

Patient care today is not a cakewalk. Hospitals, EMS providers, and other healthcare organizations are challenged to offer quality care while adhering to increased regulatory requirements and the never-ending patient volume.

This is where UCapIt can offer an effective medical inventory management software that eases inventory management (it really makes it a cakewalk) so that you can focus on what matters most: patient care.

Designed With Vast capabilities

UCapIt vending machines and supply lockers offer administrators the ability to control access, manage inventory, and ensure accountability throughout the entire life cycle of medical supplies. With its versatile hardware options, UCapIt vending machines and supply lockers give administrators complete control over their supply room – allowing them to securely store, track, and distribute various emergency medical supplies.

UCapit sets the golden standard for inventory control by providing secure storage, streamlined inventory management, and authorized access for medical essentials. It allows you to take back control of your inventory supplies, ensure safe and secure storage of medical essentials, and authorizes crew members to access inventory through various secure means. 

Echoes of Satisfying Experiences

“The UCapIt system gives us a hard data inventory report we can rely on.”

– Dan Lottes, Firefighter, D.C. Fire and EMS

“I would recommend the UCapIt system to other agencies for cost-cutting factors, ease of use, inventory tracking and the continued customer support”

– Rich Tvelia EMT-CC, Mastic Beach Ambulance Company


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