Want a Pepsi? All You Need is to Dish Out a ‘Like’

Intelligent Dispensing SolutionsIn today’s ever-evolving age of custom vending machines, there are more and more ways consumers can pay for their favorite snacks and beverages. You probably know by now that you can snag a cola with cash, credit cards, and soon your smartphone, but did you know that you can get refreshment just buy using Facebook? Pepsi seems to think it’s a good idea.

According to BostInno, a new Pepsi social media vending machine is giving out soda samples in exchange for simple Facebook ‘likes.’ Dubbed simply the “Like Machine,” the vending product works exactly how it sounds. All users need to do is access Facebook via either their smartphone or the machine’s built-in touch screen and “Like” Pepsi, which will prompt the machine to give them a fresh cola.

Pepsi tested out this new custom Facebook vending machine at a Beyonce concert in Belgium, and the fan reaction was overwhelmingly positive. After all, who doesn’t want free soda for using Facebook, something used daily by millions of people anyway? Not only does Pepsi’s “Like Machine” represent an excellent marketing strategy, it shows just how advanced the creations of modern vending machine manufacturers have become.

You can see the machine in action below. Would you like to see more integration between social media and the world of vending?