24/7 Secure Access to Instant Tech

Empower your workforce to be tech-ready anytime with a vending solution for instant access to supplies, plus lockers for device swaps or repairs. Call (866) 868-0037 to get started today!

Keep your staff happy with access to instant tech

Increase employee productivity with 24/7 fast resolution of tech support and supply needs such as loaner devices or accessories with a quick badge swipe. Our supply dispensers and lockers provide employees with instant, self-service access to IT and office supplies, and a secure storage place for device procurement, repair and replacement.

Take Back Control of Your Inventory

Resolve your employee’s office supply and tech needs with 24/7 self-service access.

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Intelligent Benefits

iVendTech provides secure inventory management and control, comprehensive real-time reporting, and an increase in productivity in your workplace. iVendTech machines allow you to track office supplies and hold employees accountable for what supplies they are using.

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Flexible Dispensing

Both on-demand and will-call dispensing are available through iVendTech’s Supply Dispensers and Lockers. On-demand dispensing provides controlled access to small and medium-sized office supplies, while will-call dispensing is ideal for access to sensitive data office supplies.

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Controlled Access Dispensing

Manage who is granted access to your machines through ID technology. You are able to set restrictions on who is allowed to access supplies and who is not allowed. You are also able to track who is checking out specific products and when they are being checked out.


Supply Lockers

iVendTech’s Supply Lockers provide secure accountability for reusable assets and consumable products. Your team will have everything they need, when and where they need it, no matter what time of day it is. Available in both standalone and satellite (connected to a Supply Dispenser) configurations, Supply Lockers can have 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 16 or 18 individual compartments.

Supply Lockers from iVendTech come with a variety of features. When it comes to accessing supplies, multiple interfaces are available, including pin number, proximity card reader, bar code ID scanner and magnetic strip reader. Each compartment has LED lighting, highlighting each of your products. There is also an optional power connected model in the SL11 Locker that will keep devices charged and ready to be used.

Supply Dispensers

iVendTech’s Supply Dispensers allow you to spread out your single point of storage to multiple locations, so your employees no longer have to wait to access supplies, which increases your employees’ overall productivity. There are various Supply Dispensers available to meet your office’s needs. The smallest Supply Dispenser offers up to 36 selections, while the largest offers up to 60 selections.

Our Supply Dispensers have a unique intelligent control system. This system is a secure web-based interface for 24/7 real-time transactions and reporting. It also has an extra-large delivery port, so large packages can be easily accessible.


About iVendTech

It is time to say goodbye to inventory tracking problems. Learn about iVendTech and how it can help you increase your employees’ productivity.

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