IDS Distributors

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions works with vending distributors to ensure that our customers are receiving the full-service solution that assists them in reaching their organization’s goals. We work closely with our distributors to ensure that we are staying on the cutting edge of inventory management technology to serve our customers to our highest capabilities.

PTI long

IDS’ exclusive distributor in Canada, PTI Solutions is the Canadian industry leader in the automated distribution industry (VMI). PTI Solutions optimize business processes in terms of management, control and cost reduction inventories. Its experienced team implements effective and innovative solutions. Since 1988, PTI Solutions has deployed more than 1,600 units across Canada with the support of national and regional distributors.

Based in Dublin, OH Bound Tree Medical, a Sarnova company, is a national distributor of prehospital emergency medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals for EMS providers, including First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics. For over 40 years, Bound Tree has made it its mission to understand its customers’ unique needs and provide them with the right products, services, and support to best meet those needs.

Bound Tree has partnered with IDS / UCapIt for over 15 years to bring its customers leading inventory management solutions for EMS, pharmaceuticals and other supplies through UCapIt’s Controlled Medical Supply Dispensing solution. UCapIt allows medical professionals the ability to restock their units 24/7 with real-time usage and inventory tracking.


Based in Queensland, SmartVend, a smart vending solutions provider, is Intelligent Dispensing Solutions’ exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand. From medical to industrial industries, from health and fitness to retail, SmartVend is Australia and New Zealand’s source for smart vending equipment and intelligent management solutions.

SmartVend promises to bring customers more than simply equipment to enhance inventory management. They promise to provide service, installation and technology that will help organizations manage their inventory and enhance the overall production of an organization.


Inventory control systems for today’s workplaces

Inventory control vending machine systems are our specialty. Regardless of industry, our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your workforce, ensure employee satisfaction and most ultimately, improve the bottom line. Our Intelligent vending machines can help track inventory without being physically at the machine with real time software. Simply login to the program and see what your inventory needs are for each machine. Inventory control systems with smart vending machines are a huge benefit to any business.

Pharmaceuticals + EMS

Take control of your medical supplies inventory while improving the level of care provided to your clients.

Office + Tech

Provide secure, self-service access to office supplies and tech devices and accessories – anytime!

Tool + Manufacturing

Maximize the efficiency of your supply operations to reduce inventory costs by up to 30%.