Return Policy

In our 85+ years of doing business, we have only had a handful of equipment returns.  Our equipment is extremely efficient and other than an occasional motor or control board replacement, our units have a very long life expectancy of 15+ years.

Most of the equipment we ship to customers is customer-specific having been configured to a customer’s specific product needs. Many times, the IDS has installed custom graphic wraps on the equipment that are cohesive with a customers’ corporate branding/logo, and sourced card/badge readers.

At this point in the order process, IDS will have received a 50% down payment, and/or a signed contract/lease agreement.  If the project is cancelled after all of these steps have been taken, the customer will be charged a restocking fee of 30% of the total project cost for the development work already completed, as well as payment up-front for the return freight cost of the equipment.

We would hope that we could work together to resolve any issues you might have, before it would come to this type situation.

All returns must be accompanied by a Return of Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. To receive a RMA number, please contact IDS at 1-877-771-4446.