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Revolutionize Workplace Inventory Management with Cutting-Edge Corporate, High-tech Vending Machines

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Instant access to IT supplies or accessories is mostly unheard of but when productivity and uptime are at stake, the penalties are expensive. IDS’ office IT vending machine is a convenient and exciting solution to this problem that will enable you to reduce wasted hours in the IT department and supply room by resolving your employee’s supply needs with 24/7 self-service access to an office vending machine or locker for computer equipment.

Keeping track of your office inventory usage and supply levels is no easy feat – at least, it wasn’t until Intelligent Dispensing Solutions re-invented the modern office supply closet. Our office and tech customized vending machines and Supply Lockers provide employees with instant, self-service access to IT and office supplies, and a secure storage place for device procurement, repair, and replacement.

Isn’t it time to reduce the amount of time an employee spends in IT departments and on calls finding IT and office tech supply replacements with a high tech vending machine for offices?

iVendTech - Office and IT Supply Solution

IDS' iVendTech is a versatile approach to office and IT supply asset management. IDS’ iVendTech saves costs by reducing shrink from untracked office and IT supplies while increasing employee productivity by offering supplies 24/7.

Intelligent Benefits

Secure, Comprehensive, Productive Office Vending Machines

Secure Inventory Management and Control

iVendTech high tech vending machines save costs by reducing shrink from untracked supplies. For example, employees leave their workstations and head to the service desk, item is picked and transaction recorded or in a lot of cases “free issued” with no record. This results in costly, inefficient transactions with inaccurate and unreliable data for reorder or accountability. When attendants are not available at service desks, creative “workarounds” emerge including open store rooms and free-issue bins resulting in uncontrolled and untracked consumption.

  • 24/7 Secure and complete control

  • All data is encrypted and sent via internet to secure iQ server

  • Encrypted data transfers

Comprehensive Real Time Reporting

With real time reporting and administrative accountability you will have complete inventory control and understand your inventory position. Our reporting features also include sales data, re-stock lists, visibility of all users and alerts when inventory is low.

  • Inventory control

  • Inventory position

  • Sales

  • Re-stock lists

  • Complete visibility of users

  • Alerts

Increased Productivity

Reduce the amount of time an employee spends in IT departments and on calls finding office supply replacements. By using iVendTech office supply vending machines employees are able to get what they need in a more timely manner, cutting down on an employee’s search time for a new mouse or keyboard; leading to greater employee productivity and convenience.

Operating Benefits of Reduced:

  • Material/Part/Tool retrieval time and cost

  • Elimination of stock outs, downtime and delays / Work disruption from supply shortages

  • Consumption

  • Reordering costs

  • Inventory levels

Dispensing Methods

Controlled Access Dispensing for Office Supplies Inventory Management

On-Demand Dispensing

On-Demand Dispensing is ideal for providing controlled access to small and medium-sized office supplies and IT peripherals, such as battery chargers, headsets, and keyboards. IDS’ IT5000 with Tech Controller is our most popular solution for on-demand dispensing and is best suited for applications including Broken Items, Consumables, and Retail Vending.

Will-Call Dispensing

Will-Call Dispensing is ideal for providing controlled access to higher dollar or sensitive data office supplies and IT peripherals. IDS’ Will-Call Dispensing application allows designated users to access office supplies and IT peripheral items (i.e. laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). Through IDS’ software platform, the level or access may be highly customized and controlled. IDS’ Host Locker Units are best suited for applications including New Users / Repair, Travelers, Broken Items, and 24/7 Remote Order Pick-Up.

How to Use iVendTech

Efficiency-driven IT Vending Machines for Sale

Unattended dispensing of IT peripherals on an as needed basis is a widely adopted solution in many organizations. It is recognized that providing tools and solutions to allow employees to accomplish their daily tasks without overly burdening them with administrative procedures and processes makes them more productive and efficient. Additionally, providing a means of accountability for supplies and products including IT peripherals specifically drives down costs within organizations. Cost reductions are realized through making employees more aware of how they use supplies, resulting in directing the employees’ efforts to accomplishing company goals and deterring any propensity toward using the supplies for personal projects.

IDS’ solution makes use of the local employee ID technology. Typically, employee badges are used to gain access to facilities. These same badges can be utilized to provide authentication at the dispensing machine and set restrictions for dispensing based on the employee and/or departmental requirements. Reporting of usage by department or user can highlight possible high usage trends or abuses. In addition, transactions can be exported from the system and imported into other systems on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Alternatively, a real time integration solution can be customized and built in order to transfer the data in real time from iQ Technology IDS’ software platform to the receiving system.

Intelligent Management

IQ Tech

iQ Technology software is the brain of the IDS systems that put managers back in control of what is often a confusing and frustrating situation. The cloud-based operating system and inventory control allows users retrieve office supplies from any iVendTech machine, while providing management with real-time inventory and warehouse control. You can even tailor usage restrictions on an individual basis.

Although more and more advanced vending machines are entering the industry every single day, very few run on the unique iQ Technology that fuels each and every one of our intelligent devices. This online-enabled software gives machine owners an unprecedented level of control and customization, allowing managers to track sales remotely and create unique point-of-sale displays for all customers.

From medical supplies to retail products, business owners have the freedom to sell their goods in an all new way thanks to IDS.

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While plenty of vending machines allow you to efficiently enter the industry, our products allow you to join the future of it.

IDS’ Software Monitoring provides real-time dispensing data accessible through secure-login. Alerts can be sent via email or text to warn of low stock position, power loss, connectivity issues, etc. In addition to monitoring capabilities, automatic software updates are provided to customers.

IDS's Product Line has Been Perfected with Over 90 years of Experience

Say Goodbye to Inventory Tracking Problems


IDS’ Supply Dispensers provide secure, easy access 24/7 to the critical supplies your employees need.

IDS’ Smart Lockers allow dispensing and check-in/check-out of fragile or bulky items.

IQ Technology Inventory Management Scan or Search Products Dashboard

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions Virtual Tracker puts you back in control of your organization’s assets.


You manage your most valuable assets: Your Employees. IDS takes care of the rest.

IDS specializes in equipping organizations across numerous industry sectors with innovative, controlled dispensing solutions in order to maintain efficiency and security 24/7/365.