Medical Package

Our Medical inventory control and reporting package including all components of the Basic package, plus the features you need for an enterprise-wide inventory and asset management solution that includes dispensing larger items via IDS’ Supply Lockers and Virtual Tracker capabilities.

Locker Dispensing and Reporting

IDS’ Supply Lockers allow for inventory control of larger items. The number of compartments and size of each compartment can be adjusted to accommodate your product mix. Supply Lockers can be utilized as a single, standalone machine or satellite machine connected to a Supply Dispenser or Supply Locker.

With iQ Technology, you can control access to products or require user credentials during the check-out process. Single and multiple item dispense, check-in/check-out, loan periods, asset management, and self-service automated order pick-up/will-call are all possible with IDS’ Supply Lockers.

Regardless of how you use our Supply Lockers, the backend iQ Technology reporting can be accessed using a single login, instead of multiple logins. This is especially useful for will-call applications, in conjunction with typical supply dispensing.

Supply Room

The Supply Room feature allows you to save time and money by managing inventory that you have on hand anytime and anywhere. You will no longer have to spend hours in your supply room taking inventory of products you have on hand. Instead, simply access your entire supply room with the click of a button.

The Supply Room feature is beneficial for audits and risk reduction. You have the ability to quickly see what products are close to expiring, so they can be used before the expiration dates hit.

Product Expiration

Our product expiration allows customers to view the expiration of a product without having to manually sift through products. This feature, available on our reports, allows customers to find out everything they need to know about a product, including when it expires. It saves time and money and reduces product waste in a machine.

Vehicle Management

Manage all of your vending machines in one location with the Vehicle Management system. This feature saves time by allowing you to manage your equipment from one spot, as opposed to walking around to each machine to ensure it is of good health.

Custom Checklist

Keep stock personnel and users accountable and aligned with our Custom Checklist feature. The Custom Checklist allows you to create a digital checklist to ensure that all of your machines are being inspected according to your standards. During each inspection, users have the ability to check-off each step of the inspection in order to confirm it is fully completed and everything passes its inspection.

Lot Tracking

Lot Tracking allows for the tracking of lot numbers on any product in the system. This comprehensive tracking feature, tracks supplies from the moment they are received into the supply room, all the way to the dispensing of the machine.

With Lot Tracking, you have the ability to keep track of where the product is and who accessed the product. This is crucial when it comes to the chain of custody on products such as many EMS and pharmaceutical assets and supplies. Lot Tracking ensure compliance and reduces risk for organizations.

API / Pre-Authorization

We understand that not every customer wants to have their employees’ personal information stored in our system. iQ Technology utilizes an API that allows our customers to connect directly to their existing employee management system. This feature allows information to remain confidential by ensuring sensitive employee personal information is not stored within the iQ Technology platform.

Biometric Management

Biometrics is just one way customer employees can access the products they need. Biometrics allows the machine to track who accessed what product, the number of products that were accessed and when the product was accessed. This feature can be carried over from you previous machine, so time is not wasted setting everyone up with new credentials to use the machine.


Savings Calculator

Our Savings Calculator allows you to evaluate the cost savings of using the IDS platform over traditional inventory management practices.


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Integrated POS

Integrate iQ Technology with your current tools including reporting and ticketing systems, such as ServiceNow and OperativeIQ.

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