Smart Lockers

IDS offers a robust selection of industrial lockers and smart lockers for sale, perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our smart locker solutions provide secure storage for critical reusable assets, consumable products, and other inventory in a secure location, ensuring your team has exactly what they need, when and where they need it 24/7. Able to be easily configured on-site, our Smart Locker solutions offer complete control and transparency of your inventory.

Standard Features

  • Keypad w/ Electronic Display UI.
  • Limited Parts Warranty
  • iQ Technology Software
  • LED Lighting
  • Equipment Color: Brilliant Black
  • CE Certification
  • UL Marking
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Adjustable Compartments


Smart Lockers

ClearVision Adjustable Smart Locker

Provides secure dispensing of large, bulky, consumable and returnable supplies, tools and other assets.

IntegrityGuard Adjustable Smart Locker

Provides secure dispensing of large, bulky, consumable and returnable supplies, tools and other assets.

Access Your Way

Effortless Access & Management:  No more lost keys or time wasted searching for supplies.  Smart lockers for offices and commercial lockers for sale integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.  Employees can access lockers using RFID badges, magnetic strips, barcodes, personal PINs, and more.



Inventory control systems for today’s workplaces

Inventory control vending machine systems are our specialty. Regardless of industry, our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your workforce, ensure employee satisfaction and most ultimately, improve the bottom line. Our Intelligent vending machines can help track inventory without being physically at the machine with real time software. Simply login to the program and see what your inventory needs are for each machine. Inventory control systems with smart vending machines are a huge benefit to any business.

Pharmaceuticals + EMS

Take control of your medical supplies inventory while improving the level of care provided to your clients.

Office + Tech

Provide secure, self-service access to office supplies and tech devices and accessories – anytime!

Tool + Manufacturing

Maximize the efficiency of your supply operations to reduce inventory costs by up to 30%.


You manage your most valuable assets: Your Employees. IDS takes care of the rest.

IDS specializes in equipping organizations across numerous industry sectors with innovative, controlled dispensing solutions in order to maintain efficiency and security 24/7/365.

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