Empower your team with real-time analytics and reporting so they can make informed decisions and improve your operation’s efficiency. iQ Technology provides 24/7 control and accountability for devices, equipment and peripherals to reduce inefficiency, waste and shrinkage.

Seamless Enterprise-Wide Integration

Manage your inventory management solutions across your entire enterprise, with a view of real-time device status, set-up and permissions. iQ Technology seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to give you a more complete view across your enterprise. With iQ Technology you’ll always know who is using what equipment, and when it is due back. Reduce waste, loss and replacement costs with iQ Technology.

Accurate Inventory Tracking Solutions for Managers

With iQ Technology data is finally usable, reliable, and actionable. iQ Technology equips managers with the insights they need to ensure the timely availability of inventory and supplies for the users. Managers can avoid expensive outages or downtime due to inventory shortages. iQ Technology’s ease of use and intuitive interface makes it easy to adopt the solution for the entire organization from the shop floor to the top floor.

Data at Your Fingertips, Literally!

iQ Technology allows anytime, anywhere access to the accurate, real-time inventory data. You can view the as-is status of inventory, consumption projections, and summary reports through our dashboard.

User Accountability

Allocation of ownership, and asset tracking and utilization is a breeze with iQ Technology. You can now establish accountability at all levels across the life of the asset or inventory. This can reduce wastage, improve utilization, and prevent abuse.

Improved Uptime

With automated workflows for re-order level alerts, integration with other enterprise systems, and usage projections, iQ Technology can help prevent scenarios involving running out of stock. This can avoid unscheduled downtime or outages. More importantly, it can avoid employee frustration and ensure better fulfillment of individual responsibilities.

Alerts and Warnings

Configurable workflow-driven alerts can help call the attention of the managers and users to potential issues. iQ Technology allows such alerts to be delivered a variety of ways. Everyone will be aware and responsible for unintended outcomes.

Key Features

User Management

Create user roles and control access privileges that are suited best to your business needs.

Data at Your Fingertips

Access data and reports on any connected device like smartphones and tablet PCs or other devices you already use in your organization.

24/7 Cloud-Based Access

Realtime cloud-based access that is controlled through the user management features enables access for users anywhere, anytime.

Custom Reports

Managers can access reports like usage summary, inventory consumption, and stock summary to ensure optimum usage.

Locker Capabilities

iQ Technology comes with locker capabilities that manage and control larger, high-value assets.

Expiration Management

Add and manage data about asset life, expiration, scheduled maintenance, and recall.

And much more…

Seeing is believing.

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