iQ Technology gives you visibility into new types of information that helps your organization increase productivity, improve your customer’s experience, and virtually eliminate waste and loss.

Inventory Tracking Solutions for Executives

Harness the power of timely intelligence to get more out of your inventory in your business with iQ Technology. iQ Technology’s real-time data is reliable and accurate allowing you to make informed decisions. You can save costs through optimized asset usage and higher returns on deployed capital.

Inventory Tracking Solutions for Executives IDS Vending
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Single Source of Data

iQ Technology’s centralized data management enables a single source of data for all stakeholders while ‘talking’ to your existing systems and platforms through a streamlined API integration. iQ Technology’s ability to provide full inventory visibility makes the data less confusing and more accurate.

Measurable Savings

Trackable assets will translate to significant savings like lesser wastage, reduced shrink, optimized procurement, lower cost of holding inventory, improved efficiency, and more. With iQ Technology you can easily account for and track tangible savings resulting in improvements to your bottom line.

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Access Anywhere, Anytime

You can use any mobile connected device to access iQ Technology. Through iQ Technology’s intuitive user interface with minimal or no training, you can easily get the intelligence that helps you understand the organization’s asset utilization. The streamlined interface combined with analytics and data visualization makes accessing the date from iQ Technology a breeze.

Optimized Cash Flow

Don’t buy what you don’t need. iQ Technology is the ultimate inventory management platform by virtually eliminating oversupply, wastage, and shrink, allowing you to conserve cash that can be better invested for growth or profits. iQ Technology helps you optimize the expenses in procuring the right amount of assets and save costs on holding and moving excessive inventory.

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Key Features

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From source to consumption, establish a trail of ownership that helps you understand efficiency or identify bottlenecks.

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A continuous chain of ownership also means asset accountability at all levels to ensure responsible utilization of assets.

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Analytics & Reports

Analytics and insights customized for your business and delivered to the devices of your choice through emails, alerts, and more.

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iQ Technology provides role-based access that can be customized to suit your organization.

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