iQ Technology for IT

Enjoy the future of Software-Enabled Controlled Dispensing today with iQ Technology.

IT supplies, consumables and assets are expensive, but they are the tools of the modern office employee. Lack of visibility to the availability of such tools and the status for requests is not just annoying but also impacts planning and productivity.

Get business-critical insights and real-time data with iQ Technology. iQ Technology allows you to optimize today’s evolving workplace with best-in-class IT supply management and endpoint solutions.

iQ Technology is a cloud-based inventory management system that provides 24-7 visibility to inventory requests, disbursal, collection, usage, repair and retirement. It helps users with live updates on the status of their resources. It optimizes the support process and frees up bandwidth of IT support professionals for more pressing needs of the business. It helps managers control the supply and use of resources while ensuring that all employees are adequately equipped. Last but not least, it empowers the business leadership with accurate, and fresh insights into the state of inventory and allows them to make informed business decisions.

iQ Technology for iVendTech has all of the features of the basic package. It can be customized to meet the needs of users, IT professionals, managers and leaders through features like:

  • Realtime reporting
  • Inventory control
  • Reorder alerts
  • Asset usage alerts
  • Cost analysis
  • User management