End Users

Get More Done in Less Time

Give your employees the tools they need to get more done in less time with iQ Technology. iQ Technology’s cloud-based inventory management systems allows for an unlimited number of users. Your employees can access the platform anytime, anywhere, without waiting to use someone else’s device or for assistance from other departments or team members.

Improve the Employee Experience

Help your employees get more done by ensuring essential supplies are always in stock and in easy reach. IDS’ cloud-based inventory management solutions powered by iQ Technology allow for fast, self-serve access to delicate IT peripherals – no help desk tickets needed –, EMS and narcotics, and other job critical supplies. Your employees will benefit from having the supplies they need in the right place, at the right time.

Make A Contactless Workplace

COVID-19 has changed the workplace, and it is more important than ever to implement new ways to protect employees and keep your business on course. IDS’ inventory management solutions powered by iQ Technology reduce face-to-face contact and provide fast, secure access to the job critical supplies your employees need to stay productive.

Give employees access to the devices and tools they are approved for, in seconds. You’ll keep everyone more productive and reduce spending. Seeing is believing.

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