Convenient, 24/7 access to harm reduction supplies

Make life saving, harm reduction and safer use supplies more accessible with vending

Our harm reduction vending machines enable convenient, secure 24/7 access to supplies for safer drug use, overdose reversal, and infectious disease prevention such as nasal spray Narcan (naloxone), Fentanyl test strip kits, safer sex kits, and other harm reduction supplies.


AIDS Care Ocean State

AIDS Care Ocean State is Rhode Island’s largest AIDS service agency and provides a wide range of programs including clinical, housing and prevention support. ACOS has been successful dispensing and tracking sterile syringes, needles, Naloxone and safe sex kits through their IDS equipment. These items are now easier to distribute and are more accessible for their clients.

“If people don’t want to come into the office or don’t feel like traveling 20-30 minutes to come to us, they are able to go the vending machines to get the things they need and not have that face to face contact,” said Ray Joseph, ACOS Prevention Supervisor. “I also love the transaction reports. I can export them on the software with a click of a button and it make my job so much easier.”

H.O.P.E. Testing

Implementing Harm Reduction Vending Machines has enabled increased accessibility and better tracking of harm reduction supplies for H.O.P.E Testing. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, H.O.P.E Testing provides safer sex and harm reduction supplies, HIV self-tests, safe injection kits, Narcan, first aid kits, and pregnancy test kits through IDS’ harm reduction vending machines.

“Our machines have been really popular and took off in a way that we hadn’t even anticipated,” said Executive Director Taryn Norman. “IDS’s equipment and technology have created a low-barrier entry point for those individuals needing our services. It provides easy access to supplies and prevention education without engaging with a staff member. All they have to do is fill out a small form online.”

How our harm reduction vending machines work

Participants receive a unique card or pin number. Once the card is swiped or pin number in input, clients can receive products from the machine such as syringes, Naloxone (injectable and nasal), pregnancy tests, safe sex kits, hygiene kits, first-aid kits, and sharps containers. All items in the vending machine are free.  The vending machines are convenient and discrete; participants can obtain their supplies without having to speak to anyone, and each machine can also be equipped with a sharps container for syringe returns.

Our dispensing machines are versatile and can dispense harm reduction products of varied sizes and packaging. Agencies can now use one machine to dispense a variety of harm reduction supplies such as: safer injection kits, safer smoking kits, safer sex kits, intramuscular (IM) naloxone, nasal spray Narcan (naloxone), fentanyl test strips, sharps containers, clean needles / syringes, adhesive bandages, pregnancy tests, and other harm reduction, personal hygiene, and safer use supplies.

Provide easy 24/7 availability to harm reduction supplies while reducing the stigma

The timely availability of harm reduction supplies can play a measurable role in reducing unintended consequences or sometimes even fatalities. UCapIt’s Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange dispensers ensure that the supplies are easily accessible to the appropriate audience and supports maintaining privacy. Harm reduction dispensing machines help address the stigma often associated with risky behaviors and encourage participation in harm reduction activities.

SAMHSA Harm Reduction Grant Program

Did you know that you may be able to fund the purchase of your Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange dispensing machines through Federal grants. For instance, the U.S Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Prevention is offering a Harm Reduction Grant Program in 2022. States and local health agencies, Tribal organizations, non-profit community-based organizations, and primary and behavioral health organizations are eligible for this grant.

Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange Dispensing Machines

UCapIt’s Harm Reduction and Safe Needle Exchange Dispensers provide a quick, convenient humanless transaction experience while ensuring supplies are stored securely. We offer a temperature controlled option to ensure any supplies requiring refrigeration are stored at the appropriate temperature. For cold climates, the Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange Dispenser is equipped with an automatic heater allowing the heating of the machine to ensure supplies are stored at the appropriate temperature, and to eliminate condensation and fogging of the glass in high humidity locations.

Another optional feature is our Outdoor model featuring a Weather and Security package. These dispensers feature a rugged outdoor design with the ability to withstand the elements, suitable for almost any environment. The Weather and Security package includes: rain guards and sealing of sensitive areas, vandal-resistant panels over access areas and an impact-resistant polycarbonate window cover with a steel frame.

Our rugged Outdoor mode gives you the peace of mind when you need to place your Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange Dispensers outdoors and in other climate-demanding places.

iQ Technology for full control and visibility of your harm reduction supplies inventory

iQ Technology with tagline 1

Powered by iQ Technology, our Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange Dispensers capture real-time data – such supply usage and inventory levels. With a robust, 24/7 reporting capability, you will have full control and visibility into the management of your harm reduction supplies.