Virtual Tracker

Your Versatile, Web-Based Inventory Tracking Solution

Virtual Tracker is a web based, remote platform that allows employees to pull inventory from a location based on credentials, check-in and out of assets, and the ability to ask informative questions on location, use, or condition of asset.

Virtual Tracker is a web-based inventory tracking solution that can work on any internet connected devices like phones, tablets, or computers. Increase the workflow by adding barcode functionality.

Track Anything…Anywhere

Turn supply rooms, manufacturing plants, and vehicles into controlled dispensing centers allowing your organization to:

  • Track PPE for site compliance
  • Check in/out forklifts for use and end of shift maintenance and report on their condition.
  • Track Serialized assets to know where critical equipment is and when it needs to be replaced.


Permissions and Role Settings

Check-Outs and Returns

Product Lifecycle

Ask Additional Questions

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Real-Time Alerts

Additional Enhanced Features

Examples of Use

Single / Multi Dispense

You can now dispense a single unit of an item or in multiples using the same interface…

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Check-Out Items

Log-in and Check-out released items easily by entering employee code or using card readers…

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Check-In Items

Checking an item in is just as easy as the check-out. A variety of user interfaces like keypad…

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Check-Out Assets

You no longer need different systems for consumables and assets. Use the same interface…

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Check-In Assets

Make returning the assets easy and avoid idle assets or misplacing them. At the point of return…

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Applications by Use Case

Within manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, IDS’ Virtual Tracker is utilized in nearly every vertical for a variety of use cases.

Complete Asset Tracking and Inventory Management Solution

Simplify implementation with Hardware, Software and Support from one vendor. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is the only inventory management solution provider that offers all of the necessary software, hardware and support you need in order to take back control of your inventory. This makes iQ Technology not only the most feature-rich inventory management software in the industry, but also makes it the most complete solution available from one provider.

iQ Technology’s Cloud-Based Software

100% Compatible Hardware including scanners

Implementation, Training, and Support Services

Virtual Tracker has diverse applications in inventory management.

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