UCapIt System from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

UCapIt allows EMS, pharmaceutical and other medical professionals the ability to restock their units 24/7 and have real-time usage and inventory tracking.

Better Inventory Management

With UCapIt’s supply vending machines and lockers, you can check multiple forms of ID, and our iQ Technology software will prompt for station or dispatch specific data. All withdrawals are cataloged, time stamped and regulated by tech clearance/training level.

Customer Spotlights

The UCapIt system gives us a hard data inventory report we can rely on.
Dan Lottes, Firefighter, D.C. Fire and EMS

I would recommend the UCapIt system to other agencies for cost-cutting factors, ease of use, inventory tracking and the continued customer support
Rich Tvellia EMT-CC, Mastic Beach Ambulance Company

IDS’ UCapIt pharmaceutical vending machines provide controlled supply dispensing solutions for emergency medical service organizations including hospitals and fire stations. IDS’ UCapIt solutions allow organizations to secure EMS and narcotics, restrict access by user credentials or product classification, track inventory in real-time, and maintain full accountability and compliance with FDA and DEA regulations.

Intelligent Management

IQ Tech

iQ Technology for Medical

Through the use of iQ Technology, UCapIt users always know the status of their emergency medical dispensing inventory. iQ Technology allows managers to decrease costs by reducing shrink and hoarding, and eliminating waste due to expired products and pharmaceuticals.

While plenty of vending machines allow you to efficiently enter the industry, our products allow you to join the future of it.

Today more than ever hospitals, EMS providers and other healthcare organizations are challenged to provide a higher quality of patient care while reducing operating costs and facing increased regulatory requirements and patient volume. IDS medication vending machines provide an innovative, yet simple, solution to a persistent problem. Through IDS iQ Technology, a cloud-based technology and an intuitive, easy to use software platform, IDS increases employee productivity and provides management with real-time analytics in order to make data-driven executive-level decisions.

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Distributor Partnership

Bound Tree Medical logo

IDS is proud to partner with Bound Tree Medical, a specialty distributor of emergency medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals. Bound Tree’s clients are Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals that provide pre-hospital, emergency care, including First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics. Bound Tree Medical supports the public safety community with their team of EMS-experienced sales and support representatives, backed by strong vendors including IDS, and a national distribution network.

From everyday disposable items to capital equipment such as IDS solutions, Bound Tree Medical offers thousands of quality products from leading manufacturers to help organizations improve the quality of care and save lives.


With UCapIt, emergency medical supplies, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and narcotics can be made available through our versatile hardware options. UCapIt allows organizations to take control of their supply room and securely store, track and dispense a wide range of EMS products.

Specialty Applications

COVID Testing Machine


Provide your employees and students safe, easy access to self-administered COVID-19 test kits with IDS’ Testing Center.


Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser


The Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser helps communities deliver clean needles, clean syringes and provide needle disposal containers for used needles.


Law Enforcement Evidence Lockers


Our Evidence Lockers are perfect for securing storing information and data in police evidence transfers, evidence storage and crime scene investigations.