Law Enforcement Evidence Management

Keep Investigations Secure with Tamper-Proof Evidence Lockers

Our Evidence Storage Lockers are perfect for securing storing information and data in police evidence transfers, evidence storage, court security, national park areas, and crime scene investigations. Our Evidence Storage Lockers will ensure that your evidence is kept admissible for court proceedings and is crucial for law enforcement agencies. We understand that your case is only as strong as the integrity of your evidence. Our Evidence Lockers will ensure that your evidence is kept admissible for court proceedings and is crucial for law enforcement agencies. Harness the power of our iQ Technology platform to know the latest check-out status of the evidence and document the complete chain of custody.


The UCapIt system gives us a hard data inventory report we can rely on.
Dan Lottes, Firefighter, D.C. Fire and EMS

I would recommend the UCapIt system to other agencies for cost-cutting factors, ease of use, inventory tracking and the continued customer support
Rich Tvelia EMT-CC, Mastic Beach Ambulance Company

Evidence Management for Law Enforcement Agencies

Evidence can arrive for processing any time of the day or night. Until it’s received by a property room employee, you need a temporary storage solution that can guarantee the security and integrity of evidence. Evidence lockers from IDS provide a secure chain of custody which does not require keys for deposit of evidence.

Evidence management for law enforcement agencies involves multiple stakeholders operating in different capacities. In addition to having robust and tamper-proof solutions for evidence management, the data regarding its custody is of great importance.

UCapIt provides secure, heavy-duty evidence storage and management solutions for law enforcement agencies.

Smart Locker Types for Law Enforcement Evidence Management

UCapIt offers short-term and long-term evidence management solutions for storage and processing. Our solution provides secure evidence lockers, visibility to protocol-based flow of evidence between personnel or department, and automation of alerts in connection with the custody of evidence. UCapIt’s evidence management lockers and management solutions meet law enforcement agencies’ specific evidence storage locker requirements.

Short-Term Smart Evidence Lockers: This is a temporary and secure holding area for overnight or transit storage. These lockers have precise tracking and redundant logging mechanisms to ensure tamper-proof and pry-proof evidence storage.

Long-Term Smart Evidence Lockers: Evidence lockers need to integrate with the agency’s backend systems. With inter and intra-departmental personnel requiring access to evidence on an ad-hoc basis, these smart lockers help in ensuring proper chain of custody requirements are met.

Crime Lab Lockers: Crime Lab evidence would be subjected to scientific and other forensic analysis, thus needing a highly-controlled and finely-calibrated environment. UCapIt’s forensic lockers get this job done with our unique air-flow technology, access control/management systems, among other features and technologies.

Biological Evidence Locker: Another crime lab favorite, these lockers store and maintain fragile and sophisticated biological evidence in the ideal ambient conditions.

iQ Technology for full control and visibility of your evidence

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Powered by iQ Technology, our Smart Lockers for Evidence Management capture real-time data. With a robust, 24/7 reporting capability, you will have full control and visibility into the management of your firearms, tactical gear, and other law enforcement supplies.

Smart Lockers for Evidence Management allows departments to control and review access to each individual locker location in real time. iQ Technology allows authorized personnel to track and document which officers and evidence technicians access the system, which evidence lockers they entered, and the date and time of every transaction. This can be 24/7 from any internet connected device. Access to the individual evidence locker areas is gained through a variety of ways including biometrics, unique pin code, prox cards and more in order to provide the highest level of security and ensure proper chain of custody.

Harness the power of our iQ Technology platform and our hardware to

  • Maintain a tamper-proof environment with multiple redundancies that ensure traceability.

  • Know the latest check-out status of the evidence and document the complete chain of custody.

  • Control access to evidence remotely and securely through a software portal using any device.