Tracking of consumables inventory is a key focus for cost containment in organizations. The supply cabinet typically contains a vast array of items ranging from pens, batteries, USB memory sticks, tablets and tape.

Tracking the usage of these items discourages employees from taking more than they need or using office supplies for personal purposes. The job of administering a supply cabinet, inventorying and ordering is streamlined by using a system that tracks and notifies when stock is getting low.

A common consumable in today’s working environment are batteries for wireless keyboards. Rather than leaving them in an open supply cabinet, shrink is reduced by tracking consumption through these automated inventory tracking vending machines.

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Step-by-Step Process Flow

  • 1

    Dead Batteries

    Employee’s mouse quits working. Determines batteries are depleted and must be replaced.

  • 2

    Accessing the Machine

    Employee goes to the machine and inputs in their employee ID or swipes ID card at the machine to initiate a dispensing session.

  • 3


    Machine sends ID/PIN to the server for authentication and restriction information is retrieved from the database (restriction information is based on departmental limits or other criteria as desired). If the employee is validated the dispensing session continues, otherwise the dispensing session terminates.

  • 4

    Product Selection and Retrieval

    Employee selects the desired product using the keypad. If the restriction criteria allows, the item is dispensed and the employee retrieves the item.

  • 5

    Information Sends to Database

    Transaction information is sent to the database including:

    • Time and date
    • Account, site, machine
    • Product(s) dispensed
    • Employee name / ID
    • Department (if required)
  • 6

    Session Ends

    End the dispensing session.


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