Check-Out Assets

You no longer need different systems for consumables and assets. Use the same interface to check-out assets like tools and testing equipment, that employees need to use. A single interface for all products and assets translates to faster adoption of the system, fewer errors and easier implementation. Assets get automatically assigned to the employees who check them out. There is virtually no manual effort involved in establishing chain of custody. Learn more about our automated asset checkout system.

How it Works

Key Benefits

Automate Chain of Custody

User authentication-based check out allows you to establish clear chain of custody for every asset. You can also allocate project cost more accurately by tracking the project where the asset is used.

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Controlled Access

Asset allocation in the tool allows you to control who gets access to the tool and who does not. This improves accountability, reduces hoarding and prevents unauthorized access.

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Virtual Tracker has diverse applications in inventory management.

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