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Office Supply Lockers & Dispensing Machines from iVendTech

iVendTech’s range of dispensing solutions for the modern office includes dispensing machines and secure lockers. Businesses can provide controlled access to supplies while also allowing secure collection of faulty equipment for repairs. To know more about our configurable machines and lockers, ask us now.

Secure transactions for all your office supply needs.

Provide access to targeted recipients for various office supplies. Our dispensing machines allow multiple authentication methods like key cards, user-entered PINs, and barcode scanners. Establish better control over the consumption of supplies.

One solution for both dispensing and collecting needs.

Our dispensing solutions can help you distribute and collect items. The configurable back-end software platform helps raise support or repair requests. Employees can then submit valuable equipment like business mobile phones, laptop PCs, or business travel kits as required. To learn more about our versatile office supplies lockers, click here

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