Dispensing equipment and supplies for the manufacturing floor

Dispensing Machines and Supply Lockers for Factory Supplies

Vend Safety provides safe and targeted access to equipment and manufacturing supplies in the production environment. The timely availability of tools and equipment will ensure continuity in your factory operations. Talk to our experts to learn how we have helped manufacturing businesses manage inventory and provide access to equipment on the shop floor.

Reduce hoarding and eliminate shrink

Prevent wasteful hoarding of supplies or tools by deploying our dispensers and supply lockers. You can schedule access to critical equipment using the back-end software platform of Vend Safety. Above all, reduce the cost of inventory, and implement Just-In-Time initiatives better using our inventory management solutions.

Establish a chain of custody for critical equipment

Track the usage of equipment that is critical to your manufacturing process. Ensure better availability through improved visibility. Encourage responsible usage of shared equipment by tracking equipment status and maintenance logs.

Integrate with your existing supply chain platform

Vend Safety solutions work seamlessly with your existing supply chain management platform. Our highly configurable solutions can work even without supply lockers or bins by reading stock details through hand-held scanners. Our back-end platform can work with your existing MRP and ERP solutions.

Real-time reports and alerts

Create automated reports to communicate real-time status to stakeholders. Give visibility to asset utilization across any device, like mobile phones, laptop PCs, or desktop PCs. Write automation workflows to send instant alerts about stock levels and other parameters to different participants in the manufacturing process.

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