Empowering Agencies in the fight against unsafe use of drugs.

Dispensing equipment for agencies providing harm reduction supplies

Harm reduction vending machines from UCapIt help government and not-for-profit agencies in their fight against HIV/AIDS or the opioid crisis. You can now make critical supplies preventing unsafe sex or unsafe use of drugs easily accessible to those in need.

Use UCapIt’s Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange dispensing machines for different types of supplies.

UCapIt’s dispensing machines are versatile and can dispense harm reduction products of varied sizes or footprints. Agencies can now use one machine for all the harm reduction applications like:

Needle Exchange Programs

Safe Sex Programs

Overdose Programs

Test Kits Dispensing

Talk to our expert to learn how to deploy our machines for your public safety programs.

Agencies can now use SAMHSA grants to deploy vending machines for harm reduction supplies.

Not-For-Profits who qualified for the SAMHSA grant under NOFO SP-22-001 can use the funding to deploy vending machines that dispense harm reduction supplies. To know more, click here.

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