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Inventory Management that Counts

When every second counts, it is important to ensure critical supplies, such as medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals, and narcotics, are accessible, and other lifesaving equipment gets returned on time for the next patient. UCapIt offers a simple yet innovative solution that EMS, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Ortho, Law Enforcement, and other emergency services professionals can use to manage inventory better. With UCapIt, organizations can reduce supplies usage and waste while enabling compliance and ensuring your first responder team members have convenient, fast access to critical, life-saving EMS supplies and equipment when needed.

Inventory Management Made Simple with UCapIt

UCapIt enables organizations to save time with a simple, streamlined inventory management system while reducing supply costs. This results in less time manually taking inventory in your storage room while reducing the risk of unauthorized access to narcotics. We have a wide variety of equipment solutions to provide you and your organization with the right balance of access and control for all of the EMS supplies, medical equipment, and other assets used in your operations.  UCapIt can be used as:

  • Automated Pharmaceutical Supply Dispenser by Pharmacists
  • Medical Supply Vending Machine by Hospital Staff
  • EMS Supplies Machine by EMS Professionals
  • Harm Reduction Vending Machines by authorized personnel, the public, and people who have overdosed on drugs.
  • Evidence Storage Lockers by Law Enforcement Professionals
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UCapIt Smart Inventory Management Solutions

Powered by iQ Technology, our vending and locker equipment is manufactured in the United States and features access-based control.  What sets UCapIt apart from other inventory management solution providers is the fact we are a true single source supplier.  We manufacture the supply dispensers and lockers powered by our proprietary iQ Technology inventory management software.  In addition, we provide training and implementation services and support you will not find from other solution providers.

Locker Bank Flex_EMS Touch Screens

The UCapIt CAP Adjustable Locker can be used alone or connected to the UCapIt’s Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispenser. The locker is ideal for dispensing large, bulky items or items that need to be checked out and checked back in by EMS personnel. Items can be checked out based on customizable ID protocols. Lockers can be quickly and easily configured on-site to accommodate your product mix with up to 20 compartments.

Our Supply Dispenser vending machines provide single-item control over fast-moving items such as pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment (PPE), first aid supplies, and other consumables. This versatile solution for wide-ranging products allows for item-specific visibility and control. Items from the CAP Supply Dispenser can be dispensed to EMS personnel based on customizable ID protocols. It can also prompt users to station or dispatch specific data.

Supply Dispensers Hero-EMS Touch Screens
VT 3

Virtual Tracker is a dynamic tool to help emergency services organizations track and manage inventory by making checking supplies in and out efficient, auditing easy, and real-time reporting of stock levels a breeze. Virtual Tracker allows you to maximize equipment and tool utilization to use your existing assets better and make better purchasing decisions in the future.

Real-Time Reporting for Complete Inventory Control

Powered by iQ Technology
With iQ Technology, our cloud-based software, all supply withdrawals are cataloged, time stamped, and regulated by tech clearance/training levels. You can easily set restrictions for who can access which items. Our solution can check multiple forms of ID and will prompt for station or dispatch specific data. Real-time transaction reporting provides an accurate chain of custody, enabling you to keep track of who is using what supplies and how much they’re using. Our system allows EMS management to track inventory and dispense products according to access protocol.

Real customers. Real results.

For over 20 years, UCapIt has been successful in helping fire departments, EMS agencies, law enforcement agencies, and other emergency services organizations streamline their inventory processes, saving countless hours in the process. As a result, UCapIt has become a trusted partner for many organizations, such as D.C. Fire and EMS. Watch the short video below to see how D.C. Fire and EMS is utilizing IDS’ CAP inventory management solutions to control inventory, track pharmaceuticals, and reduce costs.

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