Configurable vending machines and lockers for 24/7 self-service access

Dispensing Machines and Supply Lockers for the Modern Office

Instant access to supplies is necessary for productivity to be high. An exciting solution to this problem is the office supply vending machine of iVendTech. We also allow secure collection of faulty machines for repair.

Better control of the usage of your office supplies

Secure transactions are possible with our office supply dispensing machines. They provide access to targeted customers for different office supplies. Above all, they allow multiple authentication methods, such as user-entered PINs, key cards, and barcode scanners.

Your solution to meet dispensing needs in a timely manner.

Our dispensers are one solution for both distributing and collecting items. Their configurable back-end software platform assists in raising support or repair requests. Furthermore, employees can submit valuable equipment, such as laptops, business mobile phones, or business travel kits.

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