Provide Safer Access to Sterilized Needles

Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser

Securely dispense harm reduction supplies in order to minimize health risks associated with drug use with the Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser, an automated syringe dispensing system. This supply dispensing machine is a great way health officials can promote safe injections, safe smoking and safe sex in their communities.

Help communities

  • Deliver clean needles
  • Deliver clean syringes
  • Provide needle disposal containers

The Harm Reduction Supply Dispensers assists with this by providing a safe needle exchange and a safe syringe exchange.

Find out more about how you can provide harm reduction supplies for your customers by filling out the contact form.

Features of the Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser


Flex Trays

Customize the trays in your machine to give customers access to needles and access to syringes without using tools.

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Custom Graphics

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Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser

Did you know that 32% of people who inject drugs share needles? This increases the risk of passing along blood-borne infections including HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

With a machine like the Harm Reduction Supply Dispenser, the number of shared syringes amongst consumers can decrease and keep them safe from harmful infections. Not only does it provide syringes, but also clean needles and disposal containers for used needles.

Harmful Reduction Trac-B Machine FLAT

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