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When your police organization is working tirelessly to solve a case, it is imperative that all of the evidence is in a safe and secure location where you can easily track who has contact with it. That is where UCapIt Law Enforcement Lockers come into play. Law Enforcement Lockers automatically create a full audit trail for evidence, so you have complete transparency when it comes to who has contact with the evidence and when it was last accessed.

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Benefits of Law Enforcement Lockers

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Law Enforcement Lockers provide safe and secure storage for weapons and police gear, including evidence, and more and gives you clear visibility as to who has access to these products and when they were accessed.

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Evidence can come in all shapes and sizes, so Law Enforcement Locker compartments can be customized and changed, depending on what you are storing. Additionally, a custom graphic wrap can be added to your locker.

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Multiple levels of authentication can be added to your Law Enforcement Locker to ensure that evidence is securely stored inside the lockers. Managers can add an extra layer of security by only allowing certain members to have access to products.

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Police Lockers

UCapIt’s Law Enforcement Lockers are created to help organizations improve process control when it comes to evidence. Each locker creates real-time reporting and alerts and is customizable for each organization.

Evidence in lockers can be accessed through a variety of methods including RFID badges, magnetic strips, Proximity card reader, barcode, personal PINs, Biometrics and more. Additionally, each report can be accessed through iQ Technology, the ‘brain’ of the UCapIt system, in order to track users and set authentication on each machine.

iQ Technology

iQ Technology puts managers back in control of their inventory resulting in reduced inventory carrying costs, decreased costs due to “shrink” and hoarding, and the elimination of waste due to expired products and pharmaceuticals. Its cloud-based operating system and inventory control capabilities provide management with full, real-time reporting of how, what, why and where, which allows the manager to set individual par levels, re-order points and critical alert points for their products.


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