Reduce supply costs by up to 30%

Maximize safety by providing your employees with 24/7 access to personal protective equipment (PPE), while reducing supply costs through point-of-use dispensing.

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Reduce waste. Increase productivity.

Time is of the essence in any type of work environment. Your team members do not have time to dig through supply rooms to find the PPE and tools they need or travel across the facility searching for essentials materials. This is where Vend Safety comes into play. Our simple, point-of-use dispensing solution ensures your teams have the essential materials and parts they need when and where they need them.

Optimize Your Supply Chain with Vend Safety

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Eliminate over consumption and product misuse with customization restriction levels.



Decrease inventory costs by reducing shrinkage and identifying excess inventory.

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Increase productivity with secure, 24/7 point-of-use access.


Spread out your single point of storage to your point of use

Our Supply Dispensers and Lockers allow you to provide tools, supplies and safety equipment at the point of use – with no labor, waiting, or waste involved. With configurable, secure storage in a number of form factors, Vend Safety offers many ways to manage your inventory, while ensuring your team members always have the right amount, of the right product, when and where it is needed for the job.

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Through our iQ Tech inventory management software, you know who is consuming what supplies, when the supplies are being accessed and so much more. It is time to take control and discover how Vend Safety can help you streamline your operations and achieve high performance across your organization.

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