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Provide your customers with what they need, when they need it while adding a profit to your fitness center with Vending Fit. Call (866) 868-0037 to get started today!

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Increase Profit at Your Fitness Center

Add additional profit to your fitness center with Vending Fit. Through versatile glass front supply dispensers and lockers, Vending Fit provides customers with instant, self-service access to workout supplies and fitness-friendly snacks and beverages. It is the perfect addition to any health center, fitness facility or recreation department.

Supply Dispensers + Supply Lockers

Keep your trainers training while providing customers with products and supplies they need 24/7.


Supply Dispensers

IDS’ Vending Fit Supply Dispensers allow you to dispense a wide variety of products to your customers, such as healthy snacks and beverages.

FIT1 Adjustable Locker 3619 FLEX

Supply Lockers

Vending Fit Supply Lockers allows your customers to have 24/7 access to larger fitness products, such as workout equipment and protein powder.

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Combo Machine

Can’t decide between a Supply Dispenser and a Supply Locker? Why not use IDS’ Combo Machine! Provide customers with what they need, when they need it.



IDS’ Vending Fit is a secured dispensing solution that provides customers, students and staff with 24/7 self-service access to workout supplies and fitness-friendly snacks and beverages. This all-in-one solution frees up time for your trainers, so they can stick to what they do best — train! Vending Fit gives your customers more flexibility while being a profit center for health clubs, fitness facilities and campus recreation departments.

iQ Technology

iQ Technology allows users access to their data anywhere at any time. It gives administrators the ability to completely control and customize their machine by tracking sales remotely and creating unique point-of-sale displays for all customers. iQ Technology also provides reporting metrics including usage summary, inventory consumption and comparative usage by time. This information allows you to see exactly what your customers’ product needs are.


Simple Integration

No matter how you accept payment, Vending Fit has the capability to accept it. IDS’ Vending Fit makes it easy to utilize existing POS systems to integrate seamlessly into your business, such as ABC Financial, student IDs and other forms of cashless payment methods. New business ventures, such as Vending Fit, should be a seamless transition into your health club, fitness facility or campus recreation department and with our integration systems, it is!

Customer Testimonial

See how the owner of Project Rise Fitness, Caleb Sommer, utilizes Vending Fit to increase customer care while also freeing up his trainers’ time.

Contact IDS at (866) 868-0037 to see how your facility could benefit from Vending Fit!

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