A Facebook Vending Machine

Facebook: a name synonymous with innovation, genius, and stalking. But even the vast global social network needed some help when it came to their corporate office. Here at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions we’re always talking about vending machines that do way more than sell drinks and snacks. We want machines that make life easier, and not just fill our growling stomachs. Facebook CIO Tim Campos had the same idea. He designed a series of a Facebook office supply vending machines to dispense supplies and equipment, like keyboards, power cords, and screen wipes.

With just the swipe of an employee badge, employees can quickly get the replacement items they need without filling out forms or making a trip to the supply cabinet. The equipment is now readily available and easily accessible. Most importantly, it’s easy to track so accounting knows where all the money is going. It’s also cost-effective and has already cut costs nearly 35%. That’s a huge number and Facebook hopes it will continue to keep expenses low.

To see the Facebook vending machine in action, click here to watch the video. How can Intelligent Dispensing Solutions help your business save money and make day-to-day life more efficient? Visit the website to learn more.