Don’t Miss Out! NSA 2024 Annual Conference: The Essential Law Enforcement Event

NSA event - IDS
The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) is preparing for its annual conference, which will take place in Oklahoma City this year! Mark your calendars for June 24th-27th, 2024. This is your opportunity to connect with fellow sheriffs, learn about the latest advancements in law enforcement, and equip your department for success.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  • Top-notch Training: Dive deep into critical topics like recruitment and retention strategies to ensure your department has a well-staffed and motivated workforce. Learn about innovative jail operations that prioritize safety and rehabilitation.
  •  Extensive Expo Hall: Explore a massive tradeshow showcasing the latest products and equipment for every aspect of police work. From state-of-the-art jail and prisoner transport solutions to cutting-edge courtroom security technology, you’ll find everything you need to equip your department for success.
  •  Networking Opportunities: Mingle with sheriffs nationwide, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections. This conference is a fantastic platform to share best practices, learn from each other’s experiences, and forge lasting relationships.
Get the most out of NSA 2024! Check out the full conference agenda here.

Power Up Your Department with IDS’ UCapIt Solutions

At the conference, visit IDS’ UCapIt at booth #1204 to discover how to reduce inventory carrying costs while securing the safety of valuable supplies and inventory and instilling user accountability with IDS’ revolutionary solutions.
UCapIt provides secure evidence lockers and management solutions for short-term and long-term storage and processing that meet law enforcement agencies’ specific requirements.
Smart Lockers for Evidence Management, powered by iQ Technology, provide real-time data capture, allowing for easy management and the ability to control access to evidence from anywhere through any internet-connected device. Smart Lockers for Evidence Management empowers departments to oversee and regulate access to each individual locker location in real time. With robust 24/7 reporting capability, authorized personnel can track which officers and evidence technicians access the system, the evidence lockers they accessed, and the exact date and time of each transaction. To ensure the highest level of security and maintain a proper chain of custody, access to each individual evidence locker is granted through various ways, including biometrics, unique pin codes, and prox cards.
UCapIt also provides Smart Lockers to manage, control, and secure military and police equipment. These Smart Lockers, powered by iQ Technology, come with robust reporting capabilities that operate 24/7, providing authorized personnel with complete control and visibility over managing supplies such as firearms, tactical gear, and other supplies.

Visit Booth #1204

Stop by booth #1204 at the National Sheriffs Association’s Annual Conference to explore IDS’ UCapIt solutions and discover why law enforcement agencies widely trust and rely on our equipment and technology. We look forward to hearing and understanding your needs and exploring how our solutions can add impact and value to your department.
To learn more about our solutions, visit our website or call us at 1-866-719-0696.

Maximizing Your Experience at the NSA Annual Conference & Exposition

NSA Annual Conference - IDS

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) 2023 Annual Conference is just around the corner! The conference will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from June 26-29, 2023. This is a premier event for sheriffs and law enforcement professionals from across the country to come together to learn, network, and share best practices. So grab your notepad, charge up those tablets, and prepare for an unforgettable experience at the Annual National Sheriffs Association Conference & Exposition!

The NSA Annual Conference & Exposition 

IDS’ UCapIt is excited to showcase its secure storage solutions at this year’s NSA Annual Conference & Exposition – a platform for sheriffs and law enforcement professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the field, network with colleagues, and learn from experts. The conference will feature a variety of educational sessions, workshops, and exhibits on a wide range of topics related to law enforcement, including:

  • Public safety
  • Criminal justice
  • Homeland security
  • Jail operations
  • Court security
  • Technology
  • Training

Knowledge Transfer Designed To Be Profound

One of the most exciting parts of attending the NSA Annual Conference & Exposition is getting to hear from keynote speakers who are experts in their respective fields. These speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, but they all share a passion for leadership and personal development. Attending these keynote speeches can be a transformative experience for attendees. You get to learn from some of the brightest minds in your field and get inspired to push yourself further than you thought possible.

The knowledge sessions provide hands-on experiences, practical skills, and interactive learning environments. Attendees learn new perspectives from individuals working in different agencies or organizations. These workshops also offer professional growth opportunities through continuing education credits (CEUs) available upon completion. 

The Expo Hall is one of the main attractions at the NSA Annual Conference & Exposition. This is where attendees can network with exhibitors and learn about new products, services, and technologies that can benefit their businesses or organizations. The Expo Hall features over 300 companies showcasing various solutions ranging from cybersecurity to physical security services. There are also opportunities for attendees to participate in demonstrations, ask questions and get hands-on experience using these solutions.

Meet IDS At The Expo Hall

IDS’ UCapIt will be at booth #1416, showcasing our innovative storage lockers. Law enforcement agencies can count on our lockers to provide them with secure storage for their valuable evidence, tactical gear, and firearms. Our state-of-the-art inventory control system, integrated within our lockers, is designed to make storage management convenient and user-friendly. Our equipment is engineered to deliver the highest level of safety, security, and reliability to ensure that law enforcement personnel can focus on their critical duties without any worries.

Our secure storage lockers  innovative solutions and technology can make inventory management more secure and efficient. UCapIt, allows supervisors to take better control of their inventory. UCapIt is a cloud-based operating system that provides round-the-clock real-time inventory and reporting of what, how, where, and why inventory is removed. 

Managers can set restrictions for who can access which supplies. All withdrawals are time-stamped, cataloged, and regulated by training/tech clearance level. Administrators can choose biometrics, prox card, barcodes, and pin numbers for employees to gain access. Dual validation is available for the supplies needing the most security. This verification process complies with FDA and DEA regulations.  

Here’s a peek preview of some of the features that this inventory platform offers:

  • Accessibility: All under a roof – A single access point for your entire team
  • Security: Targeted access for intended recipients only
  • Accuracy: Reduced errors – As manual inputs are eliminated
  • Visibility: Manage inventory better to drive efficiency in response
  • Agility: Ensure timely access to supplies and equipment
  • Configurability: Versatile lockers of varying dimensions that can be tailored to needs
  • Accountability: Leave no asset unused when lives are at stake
  • Safety: Controlled substances are kept safe

Check Out These Options At Our Exhibit

Supply Dispensers

Our Automated Supply Dispensing Machines are designed to boost productivity and minimize employee downtime by bringing your storage point closer to your point of use. These machines are highly sought after in various industries, including facility supply management, healthcare, retail, IT, and more. IDS’ automated retail machines offer a secure and reliable way to easily manage consumable and returnable supplies, tools, and other assets.

Supply Lockers 

Supply lockers are a convenient way to retrieve or return medical supplies and equipment. They can be easily attached to dispensers or lockers to increase storage capacity. Each bay can be customized and has the option to add electrical outlets for charging devices.

Virtual Tracker

IDS has a wide range of asset-tracking hardware that can help you keep track of your inventory, equipment, and assets. Our Virtual Tracker hardware has barcode labels suitable for all scanning needs, including 1D and 2D codes. Our hardware is versatile enough to be used for consumables and equipment alike.


Sheriffs and law enforcement professionals are encouraged to take advantage of the NSA Annual Conference & Exposition. This event provides a platform for attendees to gain new knowledge, connect with other professionals in the field, and share innovative ideas. Online registration is available through the NSA website. If you’re attending the conference, make sure to stop by booth #1416 to check out our supply dispensers and lockers and see how IDS’ UCapIt can provide law enforcement with a secure and convenient way to store evidence, tactical gear, and firearms.