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Do your employees have easy and convenient access to the supplies they need without any hassle? Many studies have shown that employees can waste significant amounts of time searching for necessary supplies and equipment in the workplace. This time spent reduces employee productivity and can incur hidden costs for your business. iVendTech, an inventory management software developed by IDS, can help companies balance the convenience of having readily available and accessible supplies and obtaining the level of control and tracking necessary. 

Why The Traditional Supply Closet & Service Desk Is a Time & Productivity Killer 

Today’s supply requirements are varied and include charging cables, earbuds, adapters, monitors, and more. Hence, an open closet can prove a financial disadvantage to employers due to overuse of supplies and shrinkage caused by a lack of inventory control. Some employers responded by having their supply closets locked. Alternative suggestion: But as it turns out, this setup is a productivity nightmare. Who wants to waste time tracking down the keyholder for access? A service desk might seem like a solution. However, it can end up causing even more chaos and wasted time. Why have your talented employees bogged down with supply management when they could be working on high-value tasks instead?

The Solution, iVendTech 

iVendTech is an all-in-one solution that combines IDS supply dispensers and lockers with inventory management software. It offers real-time visibility and alerts for optimal inventory and asset management, available 24/7. This solution can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of users, managers, IT professionals, and other stakeholders. iVendTech technology streamlines the dispensing of IT and office equipment and resources to your staff and, as a result, reduces the time spent searching for supplies. In addition, it saves costs by reducing shrinkage from lost, untracked supplies. You can set limits on who can access specific items. With real-time transaction reporting, you can track who uses which supplies and how much they are using, ensuring an accurate chain of custody and accountability. Learn more about iVendTech by watching this video. 

Benefits That Matter 

Secure, Comprehensive, Productive


Employees often leave their desks to pick up items, which are given out for free without any record. These transactions result in unreliable and inaccurate data for reordering or accountability purposes. Without attendants, managers develop innovative ways to obtain required supplies, like using open store rooms or free-issue bins, which leads to uncontrolled and untracked consumption. 

iVendTech vending machines are equipped with advanced technology to help decrease costs by preventing shrinkage caused by unaccounted supplies.


You can achieve total control over your inventory and have a clear idea of its status, thanks to the platform’s real-time reporting system and administrative accountability features. Our reporting tools provide access to sales data, restocking lists, user visibility, and alerts when inventory levels run low. 


Using iVendTech office supply vending machines can reduce employees’ time in IT departments and on phone calls searching for office supply replacements. It enables employees to quickly obtain necessary items such as a mouse or keyboard, thus enhancing productivity and convenience. 

iQ Technology 

The iQ Technology software serves as the central processing unit of the IDS systems, empowering managers to take control of a typically complicated inventory scenario and customize it according to their liking. For example, they can track sales remotely and create a unique point-of-sale display that caters to different customers. Notifications will be sent through email or text, providing information on a low stock position, power loss, connectivity issues, etc. Users can access office supplies from any iVendTech machine, and managers have real-time inventory and warehouse control. This is not something you find in the many advanced machines that roll out daily, as not all are equipped with this iQ technology. 

Final Words 

iVendTech is among the many solutions IDS offers to make your inventory support easier, better, smoother, and more efficient. Let’s do the math and learn how profitable you can be with this technology.

iVendTech – A Smart Way to Manage and Track Your Office Supplies

When productivity and uptime are at stake, the penalties can be expensive, especially when there is no instant access to IT supplies. By providing your employees with 24/7 self-service access to an office vending machine or computer equipment locker, IDS’s office IT vending machine will enable you to reduce wasted time in the IT department and supply room. It does this by resolving your employee’s supply needs with a convenient and exciting solution to this problem.

Our office tech vending machines and supply lockers provide instant, self-service access to IT and office supplies. With our asset and inventory management vending solutions you can provide employees with instant, self-service access to IT and office supplies and a place to securely store devices for repair, replacement, and procurement with a hi-tech device that streamlines your office supply portfolio. This article introduces you to iVendTech, a smart way to manage and track your office supplies. 

What makes iVendTech unique?

The availability of IT assets and supplies is one of IT support’s most significant burdens. Failing to address issues immediately affects the entire company. A lack of IT and office supplies can be frustrating for employees. The pressure of looming deadlines and the inability to check their support requests’ progress can worsen the problem.

iVendTech allows the support team to easily collect requests for new assets, ensure controlled distribution, a document distributed assets, and collect for repair or replacement. With iVendTech’s IT asset management system, all stakeholders can track progress across the entire support lifecycle via web and mobile interfaces.

iVendTech combines supply dispensers, lockers, inventory management software, customizable visibility, and mobile and web alerts into one comprehensive platform. Such an IT asset and supply management solution makes IT hardware disbursement, maintenance, and support intelligent and transparent. 

How Will You Benefit? 

Here’s a glossary of how you would benefit from this platform

SECURE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL – iVendTech’s high-tech vending machines help save money by cutting down on unaccounted supplies. 

Comprehensive Real-time Reporting – In addition to real-time reporting, our reporting features include sales data, re-stock lists, visibility of users, and alerts when inventory runs low.

Increased Productivity – As employees spend less time searching for replaceable office supplies in IT departments and on telephone calls. 

How to Use iVendTech?

Many organizations have adopted the solution of dispensing IT peripherals as needed without supervision. Providing tools and options allowing workers to perform their duties without being bogged down with admin protocols makes them better equipped to increase productivity and effectiveness. Companies can significantly reduce expenditure by providing users with accountability for such resources and products, notably those in IT departments. This is achieved by inspiring staff to be mindful of utilizing supplies and directing their attention towards achieving company objectives rather than personal undertakings.

IDS leverages local employee ID technology to control access to dispensing machines. Administrators can set restrictions based on the user and/or department while also allowing them to track usage trends or misuse. iQ Technology’s IDS software platform can export or integrate transaction data daily, weekly, or monthly into other systems. Custom real-time integration solutions are available for instantaneous data transfer.

Areas of Applicability 

iVendTech can be used across the following areas:

  • New user/repair 
  • Consumables 
  • Travelers 
  • Broken items 
  • 24×7 remote pickup 

Need of the Hour

The inventory management requirements of today pose unprecedented challenges to organizations, which implies that methods of the past may be less effective in today’s complex, error-prone demands and work structure. This is where iVendTech can provide a solution by streamlining your inventory, making it more efficient and profitable. For more information, contact us today!

Why Lease a Vending Machine from iVendTech?

iVendTech offers a unique vending supply solution for the modern office. Ever find yourself 10 minutes from the largest meeting of the quarter, only to discover your keyboard stopped working? Disastrous, we know. That’s why we innovated a game-changing solution for offices just like yours.

Our vending machines offer office staples like pens, tape, and, well, staplers, as well as larger tech items like keyboards, computer mice, and tablets. Our Will Call machines offer even higher tech office gear like laptops, and hardware your IT team wishes you had on hand all the time. This ingenious solution ensures that no employee is left without the equipment crucial to their job performance.

Don’t think this solution is viable for your company? That’s where our leasing options come in.

We partner with Modern Leasing to offer exclusive financial agreements with eligible partners. Our leasing programs assist customers by providing cash flow, enhanced liquidity, and greater flexibility. In our current economic landscape, bank loans are more difficult and time consuming to obtain. IDS has streamlined the lease approval process making things quick and easy for you.

Why lease a vending machine?

Other than the obvious answer – so you can utilize this amazing technology without an initial down payment – there are many additional benefits to leasing one of our vending machines. Most U.S. business and vending machine companies lease equipment as it allows you to grow without putting the money down up-front. Financing your business equipment is one of the most powerful economic tools to help your organization grow and thrive.

Why lease from iVendTech?

IDS (iVendTech’s parent company)’s vending machine leasing solutions can enhance your liquidity, help manage cash flow, and optimize your balance sheet. iVendTech has also worked hard to streamline the leasing process for you, so you can spend less time on the technicalities of financing and more time operating your business.

Want to learn more about iVendTech’s exciting leasing options? Get in touch with a representative today. Looking to do some more research about our leasing options? Visit our site for more information.