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Do your employees have easy and convenient access to the supplies they need without any hassle? Many studies have shown that employees can waste significant amounts of time searching for necessary supplies and equipment in the workplace. This time spent reduces employee productivity and can incur hidden costs for your business. iVendTech, an inventory management software developed by IDS, can help companies balance the convenience of having readily available and accessible supplies and obtaining the level of control and tracking necessary. 

Why The Traditional Supply Closet & Service Desk Is a Time & Productivity Killer 

Today’s supply requirements are varied and include charging cables, earbuds, adapters, monitors, and more. Hence, an open closet can prove a financial disadvantage to employers due to overuse of supplies and shrinkage caused by a lack of inventory control. Some employers responded by having their supply closets locked. Alternative suggestion: But as it turns out, this setup is a productivity nightmare. Who wants to waste time tracking down the keyholder for access? A service desk might seem like a solution. However, it can end up causing even more chaos and wasted time. Why have your talented employees bogged down with supply management when they could be working on high-value tasks instead?

The Solution, iVendTech 

iVendTech is an all-in-one solution that combines IDS supply dispensers and lockers with inventory management software. It offers real-time visibility and alerts for optimal inventory and asset management, available 24/7. This solution can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of users, managers, IT professionals, and other stakeholders. iVendTech technology streamlines the dispensing of IT and office equipment and resources to your staff and, as a result, reduces the time spent searching for supplies. In addition, it saves costs by reducing shrinkage from lost, untracked supplies. You can set limits on who can access specific items. With real-time transaction reporting, you can track who uses which supplies and how much they are using, ensuring an accurate chain of custody and accountability. Learn more about iVendTech by watching this video. 

Benefits That Matter 

Secure, Comprehensive, Productive


Employees often leave their desks to pick up items, which are given out for free without any record. These transactions result in unreliable and inaccurate data for reordering or accountability purposes. Without attendants, managers develop innovative ways to obtain required supplies, like using open store rooms or free-issue bins, which leads to uncontrolled and untracked consumption. 

iVendTech vending machines are equipped with advanced technology to help decrease costs by preventing shrinkage caused by unaccounted supplies.


You can achieve total control over your inventory and have a clear idea of its status, thanks to the platform’s real-time reporting system and administrative accountability features. Our reporting tools provide access to sales data, restocking lists, user visibility, and alerts when inventory levels run low. 


Using iVendTech office supply vending machines can reduce employees’ time in IT departments and on phone calls searching for office supply replacements. It enables employees to quickly obtain necessary items such as a mouse or keyboard, thus enhancing productivity and convenience. 

iQ Technology 

The iQ Technology software serves as the central processing unit of the IDS systems, empowering managers to take control of a typically complicated inventory scenario and customize it according to their liking. For example, they can track sales remotely and create a unique point-of-sale display that caters to different customers. Notifications will be sent through email or text, providing information on a low stock position, power loss, connectivity issues, etc. Users can access office supplies from any iVendTech machine, and managers have real-time inventory and warehouse control. This is not something you find in the many advanced machines that roll out daily, as not all are equipped with this iQ technology. 

Final Words 

iVendTech is among the many solutions IDS offers to make your inventory support easier, better, smoother, and more efficient. Let’s do the math and learn how profitable you can be with this technology.

Reduce Employee Potential Expose to COVID-19 Through Controlled Dispensing Solutions for Office and IT Supplies

IDS’ iVendTech provides a seamless transaction experience to allow employees to easily access office and IT supplies without direct, face-to-face interaction with other employees

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, it is more important than ever to ensure that employers are protecting their on-site employees by providing a safe, sanitary work environment. As a result, many organizations are evaluating and adapting their workplace processes and procedures.

This includes transitioning workforces to working remotely. However, there are many organizations that require some or all of their staff to be on-site due to the essential nature of the products and services they provide, as well as the job functions of the employees. For onsite employees, social distancing and reducing the need for face-to-face interaction is critical.  Social distancing can be accomplished by utilizing contactless interactions when possible. For example, companies across many industries are utilizing technology for virtual meetings and implementing solutions such as controlled dispensing to limit the interactions between employees. 

As companies put in place measures to limit face-to-face interactions and encourage social distancing, it is also important to reduce the handling of critical supplies, such as office supplies and IT assets, as much as possible by limiting contact points.  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lifespan of the Coronavirus can vary based on different surfaces and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to three days. 

  • Airborne: 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Cardboard: 24 hours
  • Stainless Steel: 2 days
  • Plastic: 3 days  

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions provides controlled dispensing solutions, specifically for office supplies and IT assets through its brand iVendTech.  iVendTech offers a contactless transaction experience through controlled dispensing to allow employees to easily access office and IT supplies without direct, face-to-face interaction with other employees. 

The above CDC guidelines have prompted many organizations to re-evaluate the ticket process and resolution methods utilized by their IT help/service desks.  The risks in traditional IT help/service desk applications are due to the face-to-face interaction and hand-off exchanges of IT assets and hardware between the service desk team members and employees.  

Many of IDS’ iVendTech customers enjoy the self-serve, streamlined asset acquisition and ticket process from a convenience perspective. In addition, they recognize the advantages from an employee’s health and safety perspective through the ability to secure assets via contactless transactions. “IDS’ dispensing solution has completely transformed our organization.  We used to be inundated with requests for IT peripheral and other office supplies, but since implementing iVendTech these requests have dropped significantly. Plus, employees love that they can access all supplies they need 24/7 without waiting for assistance from the IT staff,” said Kyle Williams, Senior IT Manager at Fastly (previously IT Manager at GoSpotCheck).

With COVID-19 having up to a three-day lifespan on supplies such as laptops, batteries, and headsets, face-to-face IT help/service desk interactions may pose a risk of being a spreading point within organizations.  Another advantage to IDS’ iVendTech solution is the ability to limit access to products for a certain period of time to ensure that any virus transfer or contamination risk is eliminated.  

For instance, the IT employee can fill the supply dispenser or locker and then place the selection or compartment out of service until a specified date/time.  Plus, IDS supply dispensers offer first-in-first-out loading. This ensures the newest products loaded into the office PPE vending machine will not be dispensed until the older products in that selection have been dispensed, which further reduces any risks due to transfer on the supplies.

Unlike open supply closets, in which multiple employees can access and return office supplies and IT assets, controlled dispensing through iVendTech’s supply dispensers and supply lockers require employees to only access the specific product and quantity they need. The employee must be verified for access before the supply is dispensed and the employee is able to touch the item.  Just think, in an open supply closet setting, how many people before you may have picked up those AA batteries or headset and put it back on the shelf. With controlled dispensing, your supplies are at a much lower risk of contamination by being handled by fewer individuals.

Besides the supply itself having the opportunity to be handled by multiple people in an open supply closet setting, another consideration is the cleanliness of the supply closet itself.  For example, when employees access products in supply closets they often come in contact with shelving or bins housing the supplies, the supply closet door handle and other areas within the supply closet.  You have an increased risk of direct exposure on the shelf itself and door handle, as well as transfer exposure from the product. With being fully secured within the supply dispenser or locker, this is not a concern or risk, as only the IT help desk/ service desk employees have access to the interior of the machine, including the shelving within.

Another advantage of IDS’ iVendTech solution is the real-time data and reporting capability through its proprietary iQ Technology software.  iQ Technology allows administrators to track who accessed what item(s), when they accessed the item(s), and the quantity of the item they accessed.  This chain of custody is critical when identifying and mitigating risks in a crisis situation, as well as is useful on an inventory management basis during normal operating circumstances.

With the current situation with COVID-19, it is essential that supplies are not being passed among multiple individuals, whether it be office supplies or tech supplies.  Having a solution in place, such as iVendTech, to manage and track inventory, as well as protect employees who are managing and consuming that inventory from contamination reduces an organization’s risk and also helps protect the well-being and health of employees.

Having a plan in place to keep your business operational during crisis situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, starts with protecting your most critical asset – your employees.  iVendTech can help. As you are evaluating and initiating your response plan, we want to help you keep your employees safe, while providing a solution that increases productivity within your organization and reduces costs by eliminating the shrinkage of office supplies and IT assets.

For more information on iVendTech office vending machines and other dispensing equipment, contact 1-877-771-4446.

We’re Heading to Orlando for “Work”

We are excited to be heading to gorgeous Orlando, Florida November 9-13 for the Service Management World Show. IDS will be showing off our helpful solutions for managing office and technology supplies. The Service Management World Show from HDI is a great opportunity to hear from service management experts and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

The IDS iVendTech solution reduces costs from untracked office and IT supplies and increases employees’ productivity. Our machines are simple to use, they work 24/7, they don’t take breaks or need vacation time.  

Supply dispensers provide instant access for employees to IT products and other essential office supplies.

“I used to be inundated with requests for IT peripherals and other office supplies, said Kyle Williams, IT Support Specialist at GoSpotCheck.”But since implementing the vending machines these requests have dropped to almost none.”

Kyle Williams, IT Support Specialist at GoSpotCheck.

Daniel Bolens is the Desktop Services Specialist at JAMF Software. He calls the IDS iVendTech machines the “perfect solution.” After researching other suppliers he determined “IDS had the best technological solution.”

Daniel Bolens, Desktop Services Specialist at
JAMF Software

For more information about our iVendTech machines for your office and IT supply management give us a call at 1-877-771-4446.