Easy Inventory Management with UCapIt

Today, EMS providers and other healthcare organizations face the challenges of providing high-quality patient care with reduced operating costs and increased patient volume and regulatory requirements. UCapIt, from IDS, provides a simple yet powerful solution to the problem of how to efficiently and effectively control your EMS, hospital, and other healthcare facility inventory.

You need to be extremely careful managing your EMS inventory. With UCapIt, you can take better control of your inventory. If you are a medical service provider, UCapIt ensures your medical and narcotics equipment are stored securely. 

We offer several ways to identify your crew members to give them access through dual validation to equipment and supplies, such as inputting a unique code on a barcode, proximity, biometrics, magnetic strip, and much more.

Inventory Management Made Simple with UCapIt

Key Highlights

  • Reduces inventory carrying costs
  • Decreases ‘shrink’ and hoarding
  • Eliminates waste because of expired pharmaceuticals and products
  • Offers complete real-time reporting of how, why, where, and what
  • Offers access to inventory while maintaining security and control
  • Meets the DEA and FDA guidelines for pharmaceutical management
  • Streamlines operations and reduces administration costs

Inventory Management Features of UCapIt

The iQ Technology

The brain of the UCapIt system is iQ Technology. Through this technology, UCapIt increases employees’ productivity and provides management with real-time analytics to make data-driven decisions. This system is a cloud-based operating system provides round-the-clock real-time inventory and reporting of what, how, where, and why inventory is removed. 

In addition, iQ Technology alerts managers whenever their products are at crucial points, I.e., whenever they should be reordered. Moreover, all withdrawals are time-stamped, catalogued, and regulated by training/tech clearance level.

The iQ Technology for the Medical Industry and Emergency Services

Our Medical package includes all the features that healthcare and medical organizations need for enterprise-wide asset and inventory management, including:

  • Locker Dispensing & Reporting
  • Product Expiration
  • Supply Room
  • Vehicle Management
  • Lot-Tracking

Locker Dispensing and Reporting

IDS’ Supply Lockers allow easy and efficient inventory management of larger items than Supply Dispensers can. You can adjust the number of compartments and the size of each compartment to suit your product mix. Supply Lockers can be used as standalone or satellite machines connected to a Host Supply Locker or Supply Dispenser.

With IDS’s proprietary software management system, iQ Technology, you can manage access to products and utilize user credentials during check-out. Supply Lockers provide check-in/check-out, asset management, self-service automated order will-call/pick-up, single and multiple items dispense, and loan period processes.

Irrespective of how you utilize our Supply Lockers, the iQ Technology reporting can be accessed with a single login rather than multiple logins. This feature is helpful for will-call applications, along with regular supply dispensing.

Product Expiration

Our product expiration enables customers to view product expiration without manually sifting through products. This feature allows customers to find out all they need about products, including when they expire. It saves money and time and eliminates product waste in a machine.

Supply Room

The Supply Room feature allows you to save money and time by managing your inventory anywhere and anytime. You won’t have to spend hours in your supply room taking inventory of your products anymore. Instead, you can access your full supply room with the click of a button.

The Supply Room feature benefits you in risk reduction and audits. Also, with this feature, you can quickly see which products are about to expire so you can use them before their expiration date.

 Vehicle Management

Manage all your dispensing equipment in a single location with our Vehicle Management system. This feature helps you save time by giving you the facility to manage your equipment from one spot instead of you having to walk around to every machine to check if it is in good health.

Lot Tracking

With Lot-Tracking, you will be able to easily track lot numbers on any product in your system. This is a comprehensive feature that helps you track supplies from the moment you receive them in the supply room, till they’re dispensed from the machine.

Lot-Tracking offers you the ability to keep track of where your product is and who can access the product. Besides, the feature reduces risk and helps organizations maintain full compliance. 

Final Words – Other Features

Custom Checklists, Biometric Management, and API / Pre-Authorization are some other capabilities of iQ Technology. The Custom Checklist feature allows you to create a digital checklist to make sure all your machines and supplies are in place according to your standards. Biometrics is a way your employees can access the products they need with their fingerprint, and it enables the machine to track the number of products accessed when they were accessed, and who accessed which products. iQ Technology also allows organizations to connect directly to your existing employee management system. For more information, contact us by clicking here.