EMS Organizations Benefit from UCapIt

All across the United States, EMS organizations are benefitting from the use of IDS EMS supply vending machines and supply lockers. From access to reports to saving time and money to complying with state regulations, UCapIt has taken the world of emergency services by storm. Hear from EMS organizations across the country why UCapIt is their new go-to system for organization and inventory control.

Bill Dolby, Fire Captain at Jackson Township, has found that UCapIt is saving them money every year. “We have to be creative. years ago, we were throwing away $3,000 worth of drugs when they expired at the end of the month. We only throw away a couple of hundred dollars worth of drugs now.”

Real-time alerts have been crucial for the Tulsa Fire Department. Captain Michael Bake, Director of EMS, said, “I have a limited supply and equipment budget and the supply monster was just eating our operations. We found, when we analyzed the system, that we had a lot of inconsistencies and weren’t compliant with state regulations,” Blake said. “Our old system to determine what we had in the field that was going to expire was a phone tree, and now, with UCapIt, we can pull it up in real-time and understand what we have to order or not.” 

Reports are another asset that UCapIt users have found to be beneficial. Captain Beth Hines of Onslow County EMS said, “The report tells me what I need to know, how many are expiring, where they are located and the name of the medication.” Continues Hines, “I really like that I can run the report for 90 or more days because I order replacement medications 3-4 months in advance, plus my regular stock…so I know I won’t run out.”

UCapIt has taken the EMS world by storm and there is no sign of slowing down. To get started with UCapIt, or to learn more about its features, give IDS a call at 1-877-771-4446.