EMS Today 2015 Welcomes Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, the industry-leading medical vending machine manufacturer and solutions provider, is proud to announce that it will be attending the 2015 EMS Today Show. IDS will use the popular event as an opportunity to showcase the state-of-the-art locker systems and medical vending machine systems that it has been providing to healthcare facilities of all types around the country on a regular basis.

The 2015 EMS Today Show will take place in Baltimore, Maryland from February 25 to 28, 2015 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The event is a yearly opportunity for professionals in the healthcare industry to get together to share information, talk about the latest topics and collaborate on solutions that will take the industry into the future in 2015 and beyond. Manufacturers and other EMS suppliers have an opportunity to get together with EMS professionals looking for everything from emergency vehicles to airway management equipment to training and simulation solutions and more.

The CAP 12 door locker system from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions features 12 individual compartments that can be used to store EMS medical supplies  from oxygen tanks to radios to back boards, regardless of their shape and size. Not only do these lockers allow healthcare facilities to increase efficiency by allowing easy access to these types of items, but they’re also great for security purposes to help make sure that only people with an appropriate access level can obtain the items inside.

A smaller locker system available from IDS is the CAP 3 door locker, which includes three separate compartments in addition to all of the features that the CAP 12 provides. Both of these solutions come with adjustable back panels, energy efficient high intensity LED lighting and more. They are available in black, blue or red, though custom colors are also available at an additional charge to help make sure that the door locker fits in with the current visual design of the healthcare facility it will be installed in.

Access to the versatile locker systems can be controlled through a few different methods depending on the preferences and needs of the healthcare facility in question. A PIN number can be used, for example, which can be assigned in the form of an individualized identification number, a stocking number or even a trip number. The systems are also compatible with proximity card readers and can easily be adapted to work with your current proximity card issued for access to other areas of the facility.

A bar code scanner is also available, which reads the ID information embedded in your current system’s bar code badge or ID. Biometric readers can also read a person’s fingerprint and allow access based on their authority level, providing for the most comprehensive security solution possible at all times.