IDS – Rx and Illicit Drug Summit

IDS - Rx and Illicit Drug Summit


“More than one million lives have been lost since the start of the opioid epidemic.” 

The Rx and Illicit drug Summit is the largest and most significant event addressing the opioid crisis.  IDS joins the global community of stakeholders aimed at prevention, treatment, and cure as a proud silver sponsor. This event is where prevention strategies are shared and put into action. 

Highlights of the Event

This event embraces innovation. Strategies are shared among allied professionals and decision-makers to gain knowledge about the latest in prevention, treatment, and law enforcement. Over 3,500 participants are expected to participate. The event is held in Atlanta, Ga, and starts on April 10th and lasts through the 13th. 

Who Should Attend?

Experts from across the nation will lead the event providing extensive educational experiences. This attracts many different stakeholders, including:

  • Physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, dentists, and pharmacists
  • Counselors, therapists, social workers, interventionists, and psychologists
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Advocates, families, and people in recovery 
  • Public health and prevention officers
  • First responders
  • Researchers and Education specialists
  • Federal, local, and state officials and lawmakers
  • Attorneys
  • Treatment center operators and owners 

IDS’s Harm Reduction Supply Dispensers and Technology

IDS’s iQ Technology software and harm reduction supply dispensers are helping save lives across the United States. Our Harm Reduction Supply Dispensers provide a low barrier and easy access to life-saving medical kits, hygiene kits, safer sex kits, Naloxone, and other harm reduction supplies and testing 24/7. To access the machine, clients can receive a unique code to enter and dispense the medical supplies they need quickly and efficiently. Our iQ Technology, real-time tracking software, provides transaction and inventory reports to make your reporting easy and efficient. 

Through our Harm Reduction Vending Machine, H.O.P.E, Testing, an organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides safer sex and harm reduction supplies, HIV self-tests, safe injection kits, Narcanm first aid kits, and pregnancy tests. “Our machines have been really popular and took off in a way that we hadn’t even anticipated,” said Executive Director Taryn Norman. “IDS’s equipment and technology have created a low-barrier entry point for those individuals needing our services. It provides easy access to supplies and prevention education without engaging with a staff member. All they have to do is fill out a small form online.” To learn more about how implementing harm reduction vending machines has enabled increased accessibility and better tracking of harm reduction supplies for H.O.P.E. Testing, watch their testimonial here. 

IDS is a proud silver sponsor at this year’s event. 

“Overdose deaths have reached record rates, and we can’t afford for more lives to be lost. It’s time to turn the numbers around”. Join IDS and the global community at the RX and Illicit Drug Summit to address innovations, strategies, and technologies to help manage and prevent opioid overdoses. We will be at booth #300, displaying our harm reduction dispensing solutions. To learn more about the RX and Illlicit Drug Summit, visit here.