Track Inventory Remotely with Custom Vending Machines

One of the cost-effective advantages of a remote vending machine is that they don’t require an attendant. Unlike a snack bar that needs to have at least one person overseeing it during hours of operation, a vending machine is ready to dispense food, drinks of other items at any hour of the day without the need for a cashier or server, saving you unnecessary costs while making you money. However, that same advantage can also become a concern to vending machine owners or lessees: Left unattended, stock can run low, making the machine less profitable. What’s more, it can be difficult to keep track of the revenue the machine is generating, or to make changes in the types of stock it dispenses based on use levels and customer preferences.

The good news is that custom vending machines with iQ technology let you track your inventory and your revenue remotely from any device that has an Internet connection–including your smartphone. You can even track usage levels so you can tailor the products you offer to the changing needs of the customers you’re serving and even identify when machines may be underperforming. And that means you can be responsive to changes that have a big impact on your machines’ profits and your own bottom line.