Retail Vending, 24/7

In a world that is seemingly wired in twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, it seems strange that there is ever a time where “stuff” is not available. What kind of stuff am I referring to? Every kind of stuff. It is 2011 and if I want to buy a skateboard at 1:45am on a Tuesday I should have that option.

It is this need for things whenever we want them that I think requires a rethinking of the way we use retail vending machines. If there were more automated retail machines in more places we could have a potential twenty-four/seven business opportunity. People could go shopping without the need to have a large facility or cashiers. They could simply browse the vending machines in particular areas of town where we know they would remain secure.

Retail vending machines could be the future of late night activities. Like going to a shopping mall with less hustle and bustle. A person could do most of their commerce all on their own and never be bothered. Sure some of us like the human touch of a customer service rep but for others this new model might work just perfectly. Who doesn’t like buying “stuff”?