Vending Isn’t Just for Food

Vending machines have come a long way in recent years. For example, machines that were at one time used for food items only are now meeting a wide variety of

needs for corporate offices, garages, doctor’s offices, hospitals and many other locations all across America. A recent article featured on Bloomberg Businessweek highlighted a new cupcake vending machine and referenced other items such as fresh fruit and smoothies now found in many a custom vending machine today. Read below for one of our innovative uses of vending machine technology:

In an office, there are many wasted resources, which costs companies thousands of dollars each year. However, we now offer office technology vending machines set up to provide flash drives, keyboards, pens, and anything else that an employee would need in an office setting. All an employee has to do is swipe a card, which allows employers to track who is using what. It also gives employees in need of office supplies instant access to them, meaning there is no reason to make a trip to the office supply store or call in IT.

Because the vending machine keeps track of who gets what out of the machine, there is greater accountability. As a result, many employers find they are saving a great deal of money because their employees no longer see office supplies as their personal property but instead consider them the property of their employer. This cuts down on waste significantly.

We hope you have been inspired by our innovative vending machine designs. Contact us for more information on retail vending.