Custom Vending Machines for Hotels

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions offers a diverse mix of customization and well-tested solutions for all kinds of businesses. In the world of hotels and motels, we have gone the extra mile offering hotels great options so they can offer their guests a wide array of products. Using a guest’s PIN code or room key, a hotel vending machine can give them a chance to pick up specific toiletries and a wide array of other products, not to mention the snacks and drinks they are already accustomed to.

It is 2012 and for many people carrying cash around is simply not convenient. We are all tied to our debit cards and tapping money directly out of our bank accounts. As we are all painfully aware, the fees that come along with ATMs can be particularly taxing on our bank accounts. By offering guests a cheap way to access their funds overnight and throughout their stay is a great way to make them feel like they are getting extra value added to their stay.

Ask guests at your hotel or motel what kinds of things they might want in a custom vending machine. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will help you do the rest efficiently and cheaply.