Custom Vending Machines for Hotels

Intelligent Dispensing Solution has teamed up with hotels and motels to give guests an easier and more reliable solution to their food and drink needs. With the ever-so smart VendNetwork, guests can simply use their room key or enter a special pin number to have any purchased items billed automatically to their room. No more worrying about carrying singles and change on you.

But if you’ve learned anything from our blogs about custom vending machines, you know that they can house more than just beverages and snacks. Miscellaneous items for the room, like extra shampoo and soap, can be quite useful. No need to have the maid bring more at 2 am when a guest decides to take a late night shower. Souvenirs can also be placed in vending machines. Magnets, keychains, postcards, hats –everyone loves picking up these items as a remembrance of their vacation.

The custom vending machines for hotels offer state of the art dollar bill acceptors, credit card readers for those who don’t have cash, and back-lit keypads to make them easy to read and use. Vending machines in hotels can make both employees and guests’ lives easier and much more convenient. Learn more by visiting Intelligent Dispensing Solutions’ website.