Enhancing Safety With Standard Dispensing Equipment

Supply lockers and dispensing machines are essential components of a well-designed inventory management system. They are frequently big pieces of equipment that securely store assets and provide simple, point-of-use access via a humanless transaction. Improper handling, a lack of training or maintenance, and equipment that does not comply with industry, state, or federal requirements can have catastrophic effects, just as they do with practically any form of office equipment or industrial machinery. As a result, major dispensing equipment manufacturers put their products through rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure no one gets harmed or property is damaged. These techniques increase machine reliability, lower risk, prevent situations from occurring, and assure end-user safety. Risk mitigation is approached in various ways through certifications and regulatory requirements. 

Most Important Compliance Standards For Dispensing Equipment 

The safe operation of dispensing equipment necessitates compliance with several standards. Approved and reputed certification agencies verify compliance with safety, performance, and responsibility standards. In the United States, most major dispensing equipment manufacturers certify their goods and businesses in six key areas.

Electrical safety, electromagnetic interference prevention, electromagnetic compatibility, safe handling in the case of a fire, accessibility for the differently-abled, and restrictions on the use of hazardous materials or products from areas of conflict are considered.

UL Certification

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a third-party certification firm that has been in operation since 1894. They certify products to make the world safer for consumers and employees alike. They not only evaluate new goods but also set industry standards to follow while developing new ones. In fact, UL-certified products entered the worldwide marketplace over 14 billion times last year.

UL is a safety group that sets industry-wide standards for new products. They examine these products regularly to ensure that they meet these standards. UL testing ensures that wire diameters are proper and those devices can manage the current claims they make. They also guarantee that products are built to the highest safety standards.

FCC Certifications

Electronic equipment obtains an FCC certificate indicating it has been tested and authorized to comply with FCC regulations. A product’s FCC certification does not mean it is safe or long-lasting or suggest how the machine was made. It merely shows that it is within approved ionizing radiation limitations. FCC clearance is possible if the electronic device complies with FCC emission norms and regulations and has been tested to fulfil FCC standards.

RoHS Compliance

The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) is product-level compliance based on the European Union’s Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS). With rare exceptions, products complying with this regulation do not include more than the permissible levels of the prohibited materials including lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).

Manufacturers, importers authorized representatives, and distributors of products such as large and small household appliances (refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc.), power tools, computing and communications equipment, lighting, consumer electronics, toys and sports equipment, and automatic dispensers (vending machines, ATM machines, etc.) are all covered by this directive.

RoHS compliance is made evident by a letter of compliance signed by a firm employee. Third-party testing services are available to check for levels of banned materials in an organization’s products.

Health and Safety Policy

Manufacturers of sustainable dispensing equipment also include elements above and beyond regulatory compliance or standards. Mechanisms that limit the machine’s use to within the safe operating range are examples of such characteristics. When the dispensing machine’s temperature falls outside this range, the safety system turns off part or all of the device. Manufacturers specify a range of temperatures with upper and lower limits. This stops the machine from being exploited and protects the user from serious injury. Such characteristics are not required by law or relevant regulatory agencies and are entirely up to the manufacturer’s choice.

The Benefits Of Certified Dispensing Equipment

Easy To Use Intelligent Dispensing Machines. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving method of getting employees what they need fast and safely while also automating reconciliation and restocking. Intelligent dispensing is a novel take on the classic vending machine concept. Instead of drinks or snacks, this dispensing machine dispenses office supplies. It’s also cashless. Dispensing machines and supply lockers are simple to set up, blend in with your workplace decor, and provide supplies quickly, effortlessly, and proficiently.

Customizable. To dispense the products they require, employees swipe a badge or input a code on the keypad. Intelligent dispensing machines maintain track of what has been distributed and what is still available. Almost anything may be dispensed from the office dispensing devices. Pens and paper clips, staplers, and tape are the essentials. However, more oversized products such as safety goggles, medical equipment, and IT supplies might even be offered. You may also customize the machine to fit any products your business needs to provide.

Happy Employees. Thanks to supply dispensers and supply lockers, employees do not need to go to a supply closet to search high and low for a specific product. Instead, supply dispensers and lockers can be placed at the point-of-use, which, hypothetically speaking, would allow you to have multiple “supply closets” throughout your building, as opposed to just one. This leads to more productive employees, as they will be able to find what they need faster.

Through supply lockers and supply dispensers, employees can access the products they need, no matter what time of day it is. It also allows managers to track who is accessing what in order to stay on top of inventory tracking. 

Intelligent dispensing is undoubtedly a step forward in the management of office supplies and inventory safety. Companies all over the globe realize that dispensing supplies makes employees happier and more productive while increasing profits.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits that dispensing machines can offer to your company? Download our Whitepaper or contact IDS to learn more about our services.

Offer safer self-service access to supplies and tools 24/7 with UVC Light Sanitizing Technology

Employers are looking for innovative ways to make workplaces safer while reducing lost productivity due to employee absenteeism. As part of this effort, many employers are exploring the use of ultraviolet sanitizer to help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions’ patent-pending UVend Technology makes the high-touch surfaces of dispensing machines and lockers safer by quickly killing or inactivating some of the most common viruses and bacteria, including influenza and the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2).

UVend Technology has been independently tested by accredited third-party testing labs to generate UV light within the germicidal frequencies and with enough power to be effective in sanitizing surfaces. The UVC light used in UVend Technology is the same UVC technology that is in use by healthcare organizations, schools, prisons, retailers and the transportation and hospitality industries. 

UVend Technology features an automated motion sensor and visible blue light. The motion sensor ensures no presence is detected in front of the machine before activating and the blue light indicates quick sanitization is in process, allowing the machine’s keypad and delivery door to be sanitized after almost every use.

Additionally, UVend Light Sanitizing Technology can be added within locker compartments to sanitize products in between uses. For example, in addition to manually disinfecting reusable hard hats after each use, UVend Technology can be placed inside a Supply Locker compartment to kill or inactivate viruses on the surface of the product. Employees can rest assured that the products they are using are safe to use with little to no viruses and bacteria.

Employees within organizations want to know that the products they are touching are clean, especially if it has been handled by other people. Many offices utilize lockers for IT equipment, such as laptops. When an employee from the IT department goes to grab a laptop to be worked on, they should not have to worry about how clean it is. This is where our ultraviolet sanitizer technology comes into play.

Whether your employees need IT equipment, electronic devices or personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively, we recognize they can’t take a break from being safe when securing those critical supplies. Give the employees within your organization peace of mind that the products they are accessing are safe and that your equipment features UVend Technology.

To find out more about UVend Technology, click HERE.

What Can You Store in an IDS 12-Door Locker?

The IDS 12-door Locker is a unique dispensing apparatus, conceptually similar to a vending machine while providing the next level of service: dispensing larger inventory like laptops, backpacks, and kits. This system is a more efficient way of tracking inventory usage, and provides another level of security for these items.

Some additional features of the locker include optional LED lighting to illuminate your offerings, optional re-charging adaptors for stored tech items, and personalization options (i.e. choose a single color for your machine, or customize the locker with your logo and colors! Speak to a representative about this option).

This machine is incredibly versatile! Here are some of the ways to use this supply locker and the types of items that you can store that could benefit your company.



  • Blankets
  • Games
  • Breast pumps
  • Blenders / Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Books


  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Tablets
  • Projectors
  • Textbooks
  • Uniforms


  • Med Kits
  • AEDs
  • BioHazard suits
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Bedpans

  • Laptops
  • Equipment
  • Medical Kits
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Recreational gear (games, video game equipment, ping-pong rackets)


  • Flatware sets
  • Medical Kits
  • AEDs
  • Centerpieces
  • Coloring books / Crayons


  • Nail drying kits
  • Waxing kits
  • Spa gear
  • Bathing suits
  • Robes
  • Haircut capes

The possibilities are truly endless! Speak to a representative today to learn how a IDS 12-door Locker can benefit your business today. We offer financing options as well as leasing opportunities, so please be in touch with us to make this a reality for your employees and customers. Strongly considering the IDS 12-door Locker? Check out the technical specs this locker requires onthis page.

Customer Convenience with ‘Will-Call’ Technology


In the world of business, convenience translates into money. The fewer steps necessary to get from point A to point B, the faster you can supply a demand, the more revenue can be generated each business day. This is why ‘Will Call’ Technology is the answer to the needs of many companies.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has found an innovative way for many businesses to supply their customers with what they need without running into unnecessary expenses. With state of the art vending machine technology, vending can be broadened into all types of product dispensing. Using custom vending machines to help distribute products to your customers can cut down on costly payroll additions and human resource issues.

Who Can ‘Will Call’ Help?

‘Will Call’ Technology is an innovative service created by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to help companies make their products available to customers in the easiest, most cost effective way. ‘Will Call’ is most beneficial to companies that deal primarily with online orders which customers need to pick up. Any customer who has ever experienced the long lines at traditional pick up centers can tell you, the old days of waiting in line and dealing with tired, annoyed pick up employees is not ideal. ‘Will Call’ technology uses retail vending machine lockers which entirely eliminates the need for an additional employee at the station as well as wait lines. ‘Will Call’ Technology is also beneficial for larger companies for use in supply dispensing. Employees can order supplies and pick them up when they are ready. This new innovation eliminates the need for extra employees to disperse supplies.

How Does It Work?

When an individual’s order is ready for pick up, they are notified through email or text and they are given a security code. Only this code will open the ‘Will Call’ Locker holding their order. This ensures that each order only gets to the person who ordered it. The customer simply puts in their code at the pick up station, retrieves their order and the transaction is finished. The locker is now available to be filled with the next order for the next customer.

Is It Safe?

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is among the top vending machine manufacturers today. Their products are custom built to ensure that each client receives a machine that will suit their individual needs. IDS understands that each company is different and one machine can not fit all. That is why from idea to completed product, IDS works tirelessly to make sure the vending machine you wind up with is exactly the product your company needs to solve distribution issues in the most convenient and cost effective way.

Medical Supply Dispensing via Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions | Custom Vending | Medical Vending Solutions

Healthcare facilities face a number of challenges with regard to their supplies, and many of those challenges can be met with a custom vending machine. IDS is on the vending industry’s cutting edge by offering custom medical vending machines that can dispense tools and instruments, scrubs and even controlled substances, all of which come with numerous benefits.

Superior Inventory Control

The iQ technology IDS uses in its custom machine allows for remote inventory tracking. Rather than having to physically visit each machine, medical administrators can access reports online to review each machine’s inventory. This feature saves time and improves accuracy, giving administrators a real-time view of the inventory at any given time.

Custom machines can also machine time-stamp and catalog all withdrawals, only dispensing items to those with authorized access. Whether it’s a controlled substance, costly surgical instruments or a pair of scrubs, the custom machine will regulate the item’s access based on the swipe of an ID card, employee PIN or other access protocol.

Reduction of Inventory Shrinkage

Inventory shrinkage is another issue that can be eliminated with a custom medical vending machine, particularly useful for the facility’s scrubs department. Scrub shortages and constant inventory depletion is often the result of employees not returning scrubs after use. A custom medical inventory control machine can address the problem by dispensing scrubs in an authorized user’s specific size and color, as well as giving him the option of returning soiled scrubs. This feature saves money and eliminates the mess often found in scrubs return areas.

Medical Vending Benefit Overview

The full slate of medical vending benefits are many, and they include:

  • Fast and easy access to supplies for authorized users
  • Tracking of costly items and controlled substances
  • Reduction of shrinkage and theft
  • Elimination of storerooms
  • Customized sizes featuring single-sided or double-sided display
  • Reinforced steel and heavy duty glass for theft prevention
  • Custom skin options to specify machine use

While healthcare facilities may continue to face a number of challenges across the board, keeping tabs on their supplies need not be one of them. A custom medical vending machine provides a top-notch solution that comes with numerous benefits.

Marijuana Next Big Thing in Custom Vending?

Medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado for several years. But, a new convenience for those with pot prescriptions has been unveiled: at a recent promotional event in Avon, Colorado, manufacturers presented custom cannabis vending machines that dispense it.

The marijuana vending machine, which is known as the ZaZZZ runs a biometrics check to verify a customer’s age and confirm that he or she is over 21. The machines are climate controlled to keep the product inside fresh. The machine could be used to dispense edibles and smokable products on a self-serve basis to those who have medical marijuana cards. There are already machines that automate medical marijuana dispensing from behind the counter.

Custom vending for medicines, like cannabis where it’s legal, are a boon to both patients and medical professionals. The machines make inventory control a breeze, as every item dispensed is automatically counted. Many doctors offices and nursing homes have found these machines a convenient option, since patients can order medications right in the office. In a nursing home or other residential care environment, patients can have medications dispensed daily to ensure older patients remember their medications. These machines are also a boon to those who are embarrassed about medications they’ve been prescribed, whether they are marijuana, Viagra or medication for a yeast infection. When patients can get their medications without having to discuss their purchases, they are more likely to comply with their doctors’ orders.

Where self-serve medical marijuana vending machines fit into the picture, however, will remain to be seen. The first ZaZZZ machine has been placed in the Herbal Elements dispensary, but, as yet, does not have marijuana inside. The shop’s owners are still waiting for authorities to give self-serve the okay.

Zazzz Marijuana Vending - Custom Vending Machines

4 Wacky Custom Vending Machines

There are many unique custom vending machines around the world, but these four have to be a few of the wackiest ever:

custom vending machines

These vending machines cater to the super wealthy and dispense gold bars or coins. Patrons can pay for their gold either by cash or plastic, and the machine even uses an ID scanner and camera combo to prevent money laundering.

Share Happy Ice Cream Vending Machines:
This $20,000 vending machine takes a picture of patrons as they approach. If the patron is not smiling, the machine will alter the picture of the patron using mustaches, glasses, funny hats and bow ties to make them smile. Once the customer smiles, the machine will give out a free ice cream treat. The profit comes not from selling ice cream but from capturing and collecting images and valuable demographic information for promotional use. If customers are not “happy” about giving away their image, they can pay for their ice cream the old-fashioned way and keep their image to themselves.

Let’s Pizza:
This vending machine makes pizza from scratch in three minutes all while allowing patrons to watch as it mixes, kneads and spins the pizza dough into shape. After the shape has been formed, the machine adds sauce and toppings then cooks the pizza to perfection.

Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine:
This custom vending machine allows customers to smash fine china into powder. The effect smashing china has on patrons seems to calm the nerves and release anger.

There are many other wacky vending machines around the world, but the four listed above are perhaps the most unique.

Improving Hospital Inventory Control


Hospitals are busy places. The last thing anyone wants to focus on is organizing and monitoring inventory. Keeping track of everything from medications to supplies to scrubs is time consuming and labor intensive and uses a lot of resources to manage. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can improve their inventory management and make it a lot simpler – and more cost-effective – by using vending machines with iQ technology. Thanks to these vending machines’ advanced, state-of-the-art technology, you can control how and when your supplies and medicines are dispensed. The iQ platform uses unique IDs that allow you to control your hospital inventory by restricting access and providing real-time tracking.

healthcare vending machine

In addition to scrubs and other medical supplies, vending machines can be used to safely dispense controlled substances and other medicines. With iQ, all withdrawals are catalogued and time- and date-stamped, and dispensing can be controlled based on the authority level associated with the user’s ID. Learn more IDS healthcare medical vending solutionsBecause machines equipped with iQ are able to track who’s using what, they also serve as a powerful deterrent to theft and inventory shrinkage. Even managing supplies of scrubs is made easier with ScrubTrak, which is designed not only to dispense scrubs but also collect used scrubs for cleaning.

A History of Vending Solutions

Innovations transform the world and the way people live. One of those innovations, intelligent supply vending machines, has a long, varied and interesting history.history of vending machines

The first vending machine appeared in public in 1822. England bookseller Richard Carlile wanted to distribute political literature from
remote locations. To solve his problem, he developed a book-dispensing machine that operated via dial turn and accepted coins.

Other early vending machines dispensed apples and postcards. In American, the first items dispensed in 1888 included Tutti Fruity Gum. By the 1930s, customers could also buy Pepsi and Classic Coke directly from a convenient, coin operated machine.

Vending machines began accepting paper bills as payment in 1965. John Greenwick developed that technology, and future machines continue to be just as innovative. Consumers may pay with credit cards and smartphone apps now, and they can obtain more than beverages and snack foods. Today’s machines also distribute fishing bait, socks, toys, salads, hot foods and office supplies.

From the 1800s to today, evolving technology and innovative designs from vending machine manufacturers meet the practical needs consumers have. A custom vending machine remains an essential staple in many environments, including offices, as it provides convenient and versatile snack, meal and practical solutions.

Ways to Keep Track of Inventory

Keeping track of your vending machines’ inventory is a vitally important part of maintaining strong sales: No one wants to see a half-stocked machine, and when an item is really popular, you want to make sure levels stay high so you can take advantage of that popularity.

There are three primary ways to track and control inventor:

Vending Machine

  • Go “old school” and track by hand: Grab that clipboard and pen and get to counting. Tracking by hand may have once been the standard, but by today’s standards, it’s tedious and an unproductive use of time.
  • Use a spreadsheet: Excel offers lots of customizability and it’s certainly more efficient than keeping track by hand. But this method still requires manual entry, and that means it can still be time-consuming.
  • Tap into vending machine inventory tracking and management technology: IDS’ iQ technology vending machines represents the most advanced inventory tracking system available for vending machine operators. iQ lets you track your inventory remotely from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – any device that has an Internet connection. You can even check the income from cashless machines that let customers use credit cards to securely make purchases.

Inventory control has come a long way in the last few years. Using an inventory tracking system like iQ lets vending business owners spend less time counting stock and more time building a successful vending business.