A History of Vending Solutions

Innovations transform the world and the way people live. One of those innovations, intelligent supply vending machines, has a long, varied and interesting history.history of vending machines

The first vending machine appeared in public in 1822. England bookseller Richard Carlile wanted to distribute political literature from
remote locations. To solve his problem, he developed a book-dispensing machine that operated via dial turn and accepted coins.

Other early vending machines dispensed apples and postcards. In American, the first items dispensed in 1888 included Tutti Fruity Gum. By the 1930s, customers could also buy Pepsi and Classic Coke directly from a convenient, coin operated machine.

Vending machines began accepting paper bills as payment in 1965. John Greenwick developed that technology, and future machines continue to be just as innovative. Consumers may pay with credit cards and smartphone apps now, and they can obtain more than beverages and snack foods. Today’s machines also distribute fishing bait, socks, toys, salads, hot foods and office supplies.

From the 1800s to today, evolving technology and innovative designs from vending machine manufacturers meet the practical needs consumers have. A custom vending machine remains an essential staple in many environments, including offices, as it provides convenient and versatile snack, meal and practical solutions.